Harrison Ford cries emotionally when presenting ‘Indiana Jones 5’ at the D23 Expo

It doesn’t matter how many years go by and what movies are made. Probably adventure movies will never have a character as charismatic as ‘Indiana Jones‘. The explorer created by steven spielberg Y george lucas and played by Harrison Ford will soon return to theaters to give one last epic on the big screen.indiana jones 5‘ will be, above all, an emotional farewell to the most famous archaeologist in history.

Thus, Disney and Lucasfilm have wanted to take the film to the panel held during the massive D23 Expo event. The company has decided to present a first preview of the film behind closed doors, which promises fun and, above all, a lot of nostalgia. To complete the act, the study has brought its main actors and actresses to reflect before the audience on ‘Indiana Jones 5’. And the most special moment, of course, has been left by Harrison Ford himself.

After screening the short trailer for the film, the actor received a standing ovation from the public. Excited, he couldn’t help but burst into tears. After commenting that ‘Indiana Jones 5’ will be a “very human” movie, the actor has confirmed once again that after the premiere he will hang up the whip and hat forever: “That’s it, I will not fall again.” I wish the director james mangold give it a nice ending.

pass the baton

Although this will be the end of the character of Indiana Jones, it is quite obvious that Lucasfilm is not going to abandon one of its most successful franchises. For this reason, he has surrounded Ford with a luxury cast so that, presumably, one of them picks up the baton from Professor Jones. Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller Bridge, Antonio Banderas, Boyd HolbrookShaunette Renée Wilson Thomas Kretschmann, Tony Jones and Olivier Richters are just some of the names that will complete the cast of the film.

‘Indiana Jones 5’ will be released in theaters on June 30, 2023.

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Harrison Ford cries emotionally when presenting ‘Indiana Jones 5’ at the D23 Expo