“Halloween Ends”, the sad end of Michael Myers (spolier alert)

If what you are looking for is not to worry about the previous installments and just hang out, then ‘Halloween Ends’ is your movie.

‘Halloween Ends’ is the closing of the trilogy-sequel to the classic ‘Halloween’ of 1978, creation of the master John Carpenter. The director of this series of films is David GordonGreen who returns for the umpteenth time to the universe of the mythical Michael Myers.

In October, the billboard tends to dress up and live its own ‘Halloween night’, because various horror productions appear one after another, I call them that because of their questionable quality, but not because of the genre. Within that fearsome parade also appear the remakes, reboots, reinventions, sequelsetc., which, on many occasions, trying to sell a product as something new, revolutionary or never seen before, is nothing more than the sum of many old formulas in a current package.

Unfortunately, this is the case of ‘Halloween Ends’, the final part of the new resurrection of Myers, which began with ‘Halloween’ and ‘Halloween Kills’. Although in these previous films, they tried to pay homage to the elements of the original film, little by little they fell into a succession of the same mistakes of the old ‘Halloween’ sequels, added to try to justify the weak development of the script behind the existence of a supposed legacy, a continuation of evil, which feeds on the hatred, violence and chaos of society. In ‘Halloween Kills’ this sense is being introduced and in this decaffeinated ending, they intend to sow the idea that “evil” will be passed on to another person as a continuation.

Most ‘Halloween’ movies have a distinctive beginning: featuring how the bad guy “comes to life”, but now it doesn’t happen. Myers only appears at 40 minutes. During all this time it is about introducing a new character, Corey Cunningham (surname that is a tribute to the director of ‘Friday the 13th’, Sean S Cunningham), seeking to create reasons for his evil to be unleashed and to be Michael’s replacement.

These script turns are not new at all, they have been made in this same saga in ‘Halloween 4’ and in similar movies like ‘Nightmare on Elm Street 2’ and ‘Friday the 13th Part 4 and 5’, all these actions were never well received by the public; continuing to do the same thing is a serious mistake that is amplified in this film because it does not even manage to give credibility to that successor of Michael Myers, on the contrary, makes it disposable.


Another element that does not work in this trilogy is wanting to provide credible elements to facts associated with the incredible nature of the murderer. Michael Myers during all of his movies survives being burned alive, riddled with bullets, even decapitated. Now he faces an undeniable aspect that is the passage of time. By creating a timeline in which the three films continue from 1978, they invented that Myers was locked up 40 yearsthat is, Michael has about 61 years, the weight of age contrasts with spectacular confrontations against policemen or firefighters in which the invincible killer’s movements resemble those of a young man. It seeks to justify this by saying that Michael feeds on evil; but then they remember the age to make dramatic shots of the contour of the face behind the classic Halloween mask.

The film was sold as the final showdown between laurie strodeperformed by the great Jamie Lee Curtis, versus the terrible Michael Myers. Laurie’s character reached a high point of imbalance in the first two installments, explaining that for 40 years he was training to beat Michael, even in the second part, they kill their daughter; but in this ending, in which we should see a greater breakdown and fury unleashed for the confrontation, during the first part of the film it is as if the preparation for the inevitable confrontation simply disappeared.

Stretching again the idea that there will be a legacy, we have to Corey dresses up as Myers to assassinate for revenge the inconsequential characters we meet in their story of motivations at the beginning of the film. All this seeks to feed the sense that there will be a new ‘Halloween’; but it’s a farce. If they decide to see the movie they will know what all this prank about the new character is all about.

Bad impressions are enhanced because the final fight between Laurie and Michael it barely reaches the hour and forty minutes, despite being very short, it manages to create an emotional atmosphere. A closure for a story that instead of reaching a climax of what was sown in previous installments, missed the opportunity because of selling to the public the deception behind the ‘novelty’ of the legacy of evil, using an outdated formula, erroneously developed and the worst thing is that the producers of ‘Halloween Ends’ are the ones in charge of the future remake of a classic of classics: ‘The Exorcist’.

In short, if what you are looking for is not to worry about the previous installments and just hang out, then ‘Halloween Ends’ is your movie. A sad ending to the Michael Myers saga.

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“Halloween Ends”, the sad end of Michael Myers (spolier alert)