Halle Berry’s condition to return to the X-Men

Actress Halle Berry played Storm in the X-Men movies and would like to return to character at Marvel Studios.

In a recent interview, while promoting his new movie Wound (Bruised) from Netflix, the actress Halle berry commented that he would love to come back as Storm to the X-Men but he is clear that history must measure up.

“I would definitely return to the X-Men, he is a beloved character, I loved playing Storm and people love Storm. So absolutely, you know, if we could find a version that made sense, or a story that made sense, I would absolutely, for sure. “

so yes Marvel Studios gives you a consistent return option, you know you can count on Halle berry for an epic comeback. While they make up their minds, we can watch her directorial debut Wound (Bruised), which is about a former mixed martial arts fighter trying to regain her career and custody of her son.

But … Is his return part of Marvel Studios’ plans?

Since Disney I buy FOX, the mutants already belong to Marvel Studios. But for now they are taking it easy to introduce them again. Since they were supposedly going to restart all of them except Deadpool. But there are many rumors that we might get to see the Profesor X (Patrick Stewart) O Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) on Doctor Strange 2 thanks to the multiverse. So I see again Halle berry it is possible and even to the rest of X-Men originals, even if it’s just a small cameo.

Although, the safest thing is that they restart at this X-Men and put another actress, since it has been speculated that she could appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022), something that would be quite spectacular.

But for now we can only wait to find out what are the plans that Marvel Studios has with the mutants. Although at least we can see all the movies of the X-Men where it appears Halle berry What Storm on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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Halle Berry’s condition to return to the X-Men