Guadalupe Gómez, actress and mother of Guillermo del Toro, dies

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During the premiere of his version of “Pinocchio” William Del Toro revealed that who always supported him in his career, his mother Guadalupe Gómez had passed away.

The sad news was announced by the filmmaker during the film’s premiere, which took place at the London International Film Festival.

William Del Toro was visibly moved and shared what he does just a few hours ago his mother had passed awaywho shared a taste for cinema with his son and ventured into acting in the 1980s.

I just want to say that my mother just passed away. This was very special for her and me… This is not only the first time that you will see the film, it is also the first time that she will see it with us. Thank you”, she commented prior to the screening of Pinocchio, which will be released on the streaming platform in December.

Entertainment figures and film organizations sent their condolences to the Oscar winner, including the Morelia International Film Festival, which lamented through its social networks the death of Guadalupe Gomez.

“FICM mourns the sensitive death of Doña Guadalupe Gómez, mother of our dear and admired friend Guillermo del Toro. We join in the sorrow that overwhelms her and wish her family and friends prompt resignation. Rest in peace“, they wrote on Twitter.

Who was Guadalupe Gómez, mother of Guillermo del Toro?

Guadalupe Gómez starred in the film “Dona Herlinda” and his son, from 1985, one of the most transgressive films of Jaime Humberto Hermosillo. In 2019 it was remastered and presented in Morelia by its director, who died in 2020.

Two years later, in 1987, he starred in “Geometry”, a short film by Guillermo del Toro and the second title in his filmography. He also participated in other shorts, such as “The happiness of Mrs. Consuelo” and “The day my mom went shopping”, by Arturo Villaseñor.

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Guadalupe Gómez, actress and mother of Guillermo del Toro, dies