Goodbye to one of the most watched series on Netflix this 2021

what netflix never stop producing content that feeds its huge catalog is something we all know. But just as the company Ted Sarandos can be a garden of new fictionsit can also mean an early grave for those who do not meet the demanding conditions and cancellation policy. On any other video on demand platform, a good audience would save any story. Nevertheless, “the big red N” It has a good list of unfinished stories and now, again, we must say goodbye to one of the most watched series on Netflix this 2021: file 81.

file 81 It was one of the science fiction series most views last 2021engaging a good legion of fans who unfortunately they will not see their story continued. A piece of news that has surprised the audience and the media, since the series created by Rebecca Sonnenshine received very good reviews from critics and had managed to sneak into the top 10 most viewed content. However, here comes the market factor in which the streaming giant evaluates the profitability of its product. As Deadline reveals, the results of one of the most watched series on Netflix this 2021 have not been enough, compared to the high cost of carrying out each chapter of file 81.

‘File 81’ (Netflix)

Sonnenshine already spoke a year ago with Entertainment Weekly telling his intentions to make a second season: “I hope so, but I really have no idea. But I hope so. I always intended to continue. We’ve always thought about season 2.”. The first season had 8 episodes of approximately 60 minutes each and was produced by James Wan, one of the most recognized horror filmmakers on the current scene. In file 81, an archivist named Dan is hired to restore an old tape collection. Shortly after working on them, he discovers something sinister and they become the favorite object of a dangerous sectarian cult.

file 81 joins the long list of series canceled by Netflix. In just a few years, the video-on-demand platform has canceled titles like away (each chapter cost 6 million dollars), Glow, Dark glass: the age of resistance, Altered Carbon, this shit is beyond me either Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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Goodbye to one of the most watched series on Netflix this 2021