Good news for the Michael Jackson movie

The film inspired by the life of Michael Jackson reaches the highest point since the beginning of its development. These are the news about it.

The life of the big stars continues to be one of the most popular themes in Hollywood for making series or movies. Only in the last few months has the trajectory of great icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston or Pamela Anderson been portrayed on the screens. Michael Jackson would be the missing

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Although there are fewer and fewer artists left to earn their own production, studios continue to see the opportunities that may exist. In addition, it is key to highlight that it is not only the celebrities of the past who are being inspirational muses for screenwriters. On the contrary, already some talents current too.

Athletes like the Williams sisters, Kevin Durant or Giannis Antetokounmpo have also been the starting point for some plots. On the other hand, inclusion has increased the sense of belonging of traditionally excluded minorities and equality is proclaimed as a fundamental right, starting from fiction and waiting for a change in reality.

The next great biographical drama

More and more African-American actors or actresses are gaining great importance. All of the above then guarantees the perfect context for a great advertisement. Jackson will have a tape inspired by his life.

The feature film will show the origins, rise and mysterious death of the singer known for hits like Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, thriller or Beat It. In addition, the importance of his family will be included, which has always been related to the entertainment industry.

Although not much is known about the project yet, one of the most promising news about it was recently officially confirmed. It turns out that the idea will already begin to materialize, since a director.

Two signings

the laureate Antoine Fuqua He will be in charge of bringing the King of Pop to the big screen. The filmmaker is known for being a filmmaker dedicated to human rights, the fight against racism and social equity. Most recently, for example, he was in charge of Emancipation, where he directed Will Smith in a role worthy of any award, according to critics.

Other of his credits are, for example, Training DayAttack on the White House or The Protector trilogy.

“The first movies of my career were music videos, and I still feel like combining cinema and music is a deep part of who I am. To me, there is no artist with the power, charisma, and sheer musical genius of Michael Jackson. I was influenced to make music videos by seeing his work: the first black artist to play in MTV. His music and those images are part of my world view, and the opportunity to tell her story on screen along with her music was irresistible,” she said of her participation.

Antoine Fuqua with Will Smith in Emancipation
Antoine Fuqua with Will Smith in Emancipation

Likewise, it was confirmed that the biopic will be produced by Graham King, who did the same in the biopics of Ali and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Although it is not known who will play Michael, it will not take long for rumors to appear linking some young actors with the much desired role. Finally, this will be a production of the gigantic North American studio lionsgate.

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Good news for the Michael Jackson movie