Girl actress of the Golden Age waited 50 years to recover an important possession

In the world of Golden Age cinema There are many stories with an unexpected ending. Actors and actresses of all nationalities have come to Hollywood with the sole objective of following their passion and achieving stardom. One of these people was the famous Angela Maxine O’Brien, one of the most famous and prominent child actresses of Hollywood cinema.

was born on January 15, 1937, when the film industry began to stand out. His parents, Gladys Flores and Lawrence O’Brien, lived in San Diego, California, in the United States, where he began his professional career in child modeling.

His debut came in 1941, when he was part of the musical “Broadway Boys” with only four years. But nevertheless, His stage name, Margaret O’Brien, would be awarded for the second production in which he worked: “Journey for Margaret”.

The talent of the actress was undoubted and, at her young age, she was hired to play other roles in films such as “Lost Angel” in 1943, “Madame Curie” in the same year, and “The Wheel of Fortune” in 1944. .

Margaret O’Brien received the Oscar for Outstanding Young Performer (Photo: Special)

But, one of the films where the young actress stands out the most is without a doubt “Little Women” of 1949. O’Brien played the beautiful “Beth” March, younger sister of the family, and shared credits with other Hollywood figures such as Janet Leigh, June Allyson y Elizabeth Taylor.

What happened to Maxine O’Brien?

O’Brien won the Academy Award for Outstanding Young Performer for “Appointment in St. Louis”, but this was stolen in strange conditions and it was not until 50 years later that the expensive award was found in an exchange and returned to the hands of the actress

As for her love life, the actress was married to Harol Allen Jr., whom he divorced in 1968. In 1974 he remarried Roy Thorsen, a man with whom she lasted several years and had her beloved daughter Mara Tolene.


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Girl actress of the Golden Age waited 50 years to recover an important possession