‘GI Joe’: blockbusters like the Stephen Sommers movie are no longer being made

For a good handful of years, Stephen Sommers It was the great hope of the blockbuster. In 1999 he placed his fabulous vision of ‘The Mummy‘in the top 10 grossing, grossing very little below almost all the others except’The sixth Sense‘ Y ‘Star Wars. Episode I: The Phantom Menace‘which took it all. Today almost nobody remembers her merits, being this incredibly carefree ‘G.I. Joe‘the last of his great attempts.

The king of the party

A movie about a franchise like GI Joe could only lead to an overloaded story where the slightest plot plot would only be a pretext to put the characters in their respective places before the next titanic combat. And that’s exactly what Sommers offers during the two-hour movie popcorn.

In fact, silly as it may seem, the director of ‘Deep Rising‘debugs what Steven Spielberg Y Michael Bay had made in ‘Transformers‘a couple of years before. Good cinema from the least favorable premise. It was not a coincidence that that summer the second movie of robotic cars from another planet and the soldiers shared the billboard.

The movie, with a very interesting cast (Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christopher Eccleston, Dennis Quaid), managed to transfer the spirit of the characters to the big screen, playing with the viewer’s memories and fooling around with the disbelief of the neophytes. But a good disbelief. How many movies do we see a year that are just waiting to infect you with the desire to party? They all get into their role seriously, fully, fully involved with their character. All this makes the charm of the film even greater.

Gi Joe Tatum

GI Joe es a deliberately kitschy movie: from the stereotypical villain to the maximum to the black joker. Winks at James Bond, Star Wars or even ‘Starship Troopers‘are also the order of the day. This rise of Cobra was located in a hallucinatory way between modern action (such as the saga of ‘Fast & Furious‘) and animation, almost like a photorealistic version of the 80s animated series.

Overflowing with spectacular special effects, in full color, it takes us by the hand on a journey where “plasma” weapons that destroy submarines and helicopters are the order of the day. ‘G.I. Joe’ does not seek the breaking of disbelief: it destroys it.

Gi Joe Villanos

Sommers was the ideal man to carry out this mission, but not only because of the great success of his sandy adventures with the great Brendan Fraser. Recall that the sequel to ‘The Mummy Returns‘gave even more money. ‘Van Helsing‘or the maritime adventure starring Treat Williams were works by a filmmaker who went for everything without looking back, without fear of ridicule. He was the perfect director to make this movie.

Gi Joe Cobra

“GI Joe” cost a whopping 175 million dollars, a real madness for a movie that was a real enigma. He raised 300 million, 150 at home and as many in the rest of the world. Not bad, but perhaps insufficient. It was the sixteenth movie of that year in the USA, almost tied with … ‘Fast & Furious: Even faster (Full throttle 4)’.

Always with one foot on the gas and the other on shame healthier, Stephen Sommers’s film was a misunderstood breath of fresh air. Although it is possible that most of that misunderstanding did more damage among the public than among the specialized media. Maybe that’s why its sequel, ‘GI Joe: Revenge‘he made some more money with a lot less ideas and no sense of humor. That’s when blockbusters stopped being so much fun because they were really only starting to offer what the audience asked for: more of the same, but worse.