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For more ghost hunter offices around the world. Director Jason Reitman, son of the filmmaker Ivan Reitman, who directed The Ghostbusters – 97%, spoke about what he would like to see in the future within the saga that his father created. Although the original film took place in New York, this director knows that ghosts have no borders and that is why he would be interested in seeing films with teams from all over the world, that is to say: a more diverse saga.

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In an interview with Insider, director Jason Reitman, from Ghostbusters: Afterlife – 90%, spoke about the role of Ghostbusters – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos73%, from Paul Feig, in breaking the glass ceiling in terms of opening viewers’ minds to new versions of the spooky saga. He added that he is grateful for having had that vision and that he would be interested in seeing all kinds of genres, filmmakers and casts join the franchise that he now resumed:

When paul [Feig] made his movie, did his best to open the doors. Suddenly, a Ghostbusters movie didn’t have to be about those four men in Manhattan. That was a great moment. I want to see Ghostbusters movies of all kinds. I want to see Ghostbusters movies by all my favorite directors, who come from all kinds of cultures and different countries. Paul did the heavy lifting so that I could make this movie.

In case they haven’t found out, Ghostbusters: The Legacy It is a direct sequel to the original film. The protagonists, played by Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard, are Spengler’s grandchildren (Harold ramis), one of the original Ghostbusters. The story begins when they move to a mysterious farm where strange tremors bring back spooky spirits that have not been seen since the events that occurred in New York.

Although the 2017 reboot, which featured an all-female cast, was not liked by the critics or the public, that does not mean that other installments of the franchise cannot have new characters or be set in different places, such as Well explains Reitman. After all, this film is about teenagers and brings the chaos of classic ghosts to a small town.

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If we allow ourselves to be carried away by criticism and reactions to Ghostbusters: The Legacy, Sony is likely not to let go of the possibility of making more deliveries. With the fury, recently discovered by Hollywood, of the public for all kinds of stories and their little interest in respecting a single canon, it will be necessary to see if after the third part there will be room for a new film that does not bet so much on the nostalgia of the original .

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – 90% It will hit theaters on November 18 and so far it has been very well received by critics, which highlights the balance to add new elements and respect the original. We recommend that, if you are going to see it, you stay until the end because it has two post-credit scenes. The film will have its premiere this weekend at the Morelia Film Festival, where it will be presented by Reitman himself, so if you are there, do not hesitate to stop by.

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Ghostbusters: Jason Reitman Wants New Movies To Be More Diverse | Tomatazos