Get to know the Netflix premieres to start the weekend

A total of five productions are more than ready to start with the weekend’s marathon in the famous platform from NetflixWell, it begins the second weekend of July and also the holidays for many.

It’s finally Friday and the famous Netflix platform knows it perfectly, as it opens a variety of productions this Friday to enjoy the weekend.

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It should be noted that July is the month of premieres on Netflix, which will increase its catalog with new movies to enjoy at home with friends or family.

So if you no longer know what else to see during your free time, keep reading, because we will tell you what the news of this platform is.

Here is what comes to the platform this July 9:


Atypical: Season 4 (SERIES)

With Casey and Sam about to leave the nest, each member of the Gardner family faces difficult decisions about what the next step in their life will be.


A Place to Dream: Season 3 (SERIES)

Mel and his loved ones in Virgin River support each other as they face all kinds of hardships: death, a fire, custody lawsuits, separations and more.


Castamar’s Cook (SERIES)

Madrid, 1720. A prodigious cook attracts the gaze of a widowed duke who has just rejoined aristocratic society. Based on the novel by Fernando J. Múñez.


How I Became a Superhero (MOVIE)

In a world of humans and superheroes, a lone cop and a brilliant detective team up to unravel a dark plot to extract super powers.


The street of t3rr0r (Part 2): 1978 (MOVIE)

In a cursed town Shadyside, a wave of massacres sows fear at Camp Nightwing and turns a summer of fun into a gritty struggle for survival.