Get to know the Netflix premieres from July 12 to 18

During this next week, ‘La calle del t3rr0r – Part 3: 1666’, ‘They feel magnificent’ and ‘Fighting as a family’ are some of the premieres highlights within the famous platform of Netflix, so you can’t miss them.

There is no doubt that if you are a lover of the genre of t3rr0rYou must prepare, since this week the Netflix platform has prepared a special of the genre twice.

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The trilogy of La calle del t3rr0r closes the circle with the third film, which promises to reveal the secrets that caused the curse.

And if it is not enough, and you want to continue having a great time, you can encourage yourself to see The classic story of t3rr0r, a movie that promises to keep you on high alert.

However, terror is not the only thing that comes to the platform in the next few days, as the comedy The Perfect Family Manual and the documentary Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendía? are two of the most outstanding premieres.

Here is the full list of movies that will premiere on Netflix from July 12-18:


The classic story of t3rr0r

The film, directed by Roberto De Feo, takes place in an Italian forest, where a group of strangers is trapped in the middle of the night.

Added to the anguish of not knowing how to get out of there is the appearance on the scene of a strange presence that threatens to kill them.

Premiere: July 14


The perfect family handbook

The comedy The Perfect Family Handbook also arrives on Netflix next week.

In it, a married couple, who live in Quebec (Canada) with their children, try to adapt to all those demands and stridencies that society requires to join the family club 10.

Premiere: July 14


Private Network: Who killed Manuel Buendía?

Netflix continues faithful to its commitment to documentaries, and this week it launches Private Network: Who killed Manuel Buendía? The feature film addresses the events surrounding the mysterious murder of the Mexican journalist Mannuel Buendía, investigating his relationship with the world of politics and n9rc0traf1co.

Premiere: July 14


The last of your shoe

The last of his shoe is another of the comedies that will be added to the platform’s catalog this coming week.

The film follows a fashion blogger from Bali who begins to rethink her relationship with her fiancé, after meeting a shoe expert, for whom she feels a special attraction.

Premiere: July 15


The Street of the t3rr0r – Part 3: 1666

The film directed by Leigh Janiak reveals the origins of the curse of Sarah Fier, which has haunted the inhabitants of Shadyside since the 17th century.

Premiere: July 16