Get to know the movie premieres from July 26 to August 1

During this week, in the famous platform of Netflix ‘The Last Mercenary’, ‘Moon’ and ‘Sherlock Gnomes’ are the most outstanding feature films, so read on to find out what is to come.

One more week is about to begin, and the famous Netflix platform is more than willing to refresh your summer days with numerous novelties for movie lovers.

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This is how over the next few days original films such as the romantic comedy Can’t run from love, and the ‘thrillers’ The Last Mercenary and Kenshin, the Samurai Warrior: The Beginning, arrive on the platform.

But that’s not all, as if that were not enough, the catalog continues to grow with the incorporation of well-known titles such as Moon, World Trade Center and the animated film Sherlock Gnomes.

Here are the movies that will premiere on Netflix from July 26 to August 1:


Can’t run away from love

Directed by Steven K. Tsuchida, the film follows Erica, a singer who dreams of becoming a pop star.

Until she achieves that dream, she has to settle for singing at all kinds of events, including the odd wedding.

As in that of his former partner, in which he will realize that perhaps he had not forgotten the one who was once the love of his life.


The last mercenary

In the film directed by David Charhon, the actor takes on the role of Richard, a former secret agent who travels to France in order to prove that his son, with whom he has never had contact, is not guilty of the accusation of drug trafficking.


Kenshin the Samurai Warrior: The Beginning

The story introduces us to Kenshin long before he became the protector.

At that time, he was one of the most ruthless murderers and he called himself Battosai, until Tomoe appears in his life, a young woman who will make him change his vision of the world.




World Trade Center

Sherlock Gnomes

Handbook of the good wife

Fantastic Fungi


Grace’s possession

Penguin Highway: Mystery of the Penguins

Time does not wait