George Clooney gives his point of view on the misfortune that occurred on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film

In the wake of the tragic death from the director of photography Haylana Hutchis, as a result of the accidental shot he received after the actor Alec Baldwin fire a prop gun while filming a scene in the movie Rust, several members of the industry have spoken out about it and criticized the lack of security inside the film set of this production. One of the hardest has been George Clooney, who has described the incident as “crazy” and “infuriating”, because he does not conceive that an aspect as important as security has been neglected.



It was during a talk that the Oscar winner had with the podcast WTF from Marc Maron who referred to this issue, emphasizing the importance of not skimping when it comes to ensuring the safety of everyone on the film set, and especially when there are weapons involved. Something that he has learned throughout his career. “I’ve been on sets for 40 years and the person who hands you the gun, the person responsible for the gun, is someone from the props or the gunsmith. Period ”, expressed the artist in great dismay. “Every time a gun is handed to me on set, I look at it, open it, show it to the person I’m pointing at as well, show it to the team and when I’m done, I return it to the armory“Added the interpreter, referring to the measures he takes when filming a scene in which he handles props.

The actor recalled the tragic death of actor Brandon Lee, who unfortunately passed away from a gunshot wound while filming a scene in the movie. The Raven, from 1993, an event that undoubtedly served to ensure that future productions take maximum care of the safety of those involved in a scene in which weapons are used. It’s partly because of what happened to Brandon. Everybody does. Everybody knows it, ”Clooney said. “After Brandon’s death, it really became very clear: open the gun, look down the barrel, look in the barrel, make sure,” he said of the security steps that need to be followed on set, something Baldwin may have omitted when fully trust your team. “Maybe Alec did that, I hope he did, but the problem is that ammunition is complicated. Because they look like real bullets. They have a small hole in the back where someone has removed the powder, “he said.


Clooney’s harsh criticism of the production

Although the actor acknowledged that all this was an unfortunate accident, he did not hesitate to criticize the fact that the production has preferred to hire inexperienced people, leaving the safety of all in the background. “Why, for the life of me, would this low-budget film with producers who have produced nothing not have hired someone with experience for the gunsmith? … It is a terrible accident. But a 24-year-old with that little experience shouldn’t be in charge of a weapons department.”He said about Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed, la armera de Rust.

The protagonist of films such as Gravity also made reference to the statements made by those directly involved in the accident, who have ensured that they used the term ‘cold gun’ to report that the gun was not loaded, a phrase that Clooney assured has never been Heard into movie lingo, and boy does he know about that. “I have never heard the term ‘cold pistol'”, expressed the interpreter, extremely dismayed. “I’ve never heard that term. Literally. They’re talking about things I’ve never heard of.. It’s just infuriating“, he concluded.


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George Clooney gives his point of view on the misfortune that occurred on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film