Galactus is closer to arriving at Marvel Studios

After watching the movie The Eternals and verifying that the Celestials are spectacular, all the fans are looking forward to seeing Galactus at Marvel Studios.

The movie of The Eternals It is already in theaters and they have introduced 10 new heroes, but we have also seen some Celestials and above all they have explained their role in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. But there are many more shocking galactic beings that we have not seen yet and one of them is Galactus the World Eater, a villain who can certainly haunt all the Avengers.

Galactus is not a CelestialHowever visually it will be similar, perhaps a little smaller, but still just as impressive. So they should include it in The Eternals 2 or in another installment of Marvel Studios What The Fantastic Four O Avengers 5. Something that I already mentioned in the review of Los Eternos that we leave you in this link.

Now the scriptwriters of The Eternals have confirmed that within Marvel Studios they take into account this powerful being and without a doubt we will be able to see him soon.

“Galactus is an amazing, amazing character and villain.” Kaz Firpo said. “He’s a god of space, and then the god of space comes and kidnaps you and plans to judge Earth, I think the door is wide open for world-eating villains.”

Ryan Firpo then chimed in, outlining some ways this great villain could be included in the story.

“There are definitely conversations about these post-credits sequences, about who we’re introducing, where we’re going… Galactus is one of those iconic figures from the Marvel Universe that we’re excited to see. But sometimes I think you leave yourself open, you leave these doors open, and who knows what is happening in the sequel. Perhaps you are too busy saving a Celestial from Galactus who ends up incurring his wrath… Anything is possible.

Galactus Marvel Studios

Are you looking forward to seeing Galactus in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section. While they decide to add it, we can see the rest of the installments of the saga in Disney Plus streaming platform.

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Galactus is closer to arriving at Marvel Studios