“Fuck you all”: Zack Snyder fans trending topic #FireJamesGunn after learning about the future of the DC Universe

There are people who do not like to change their habits: coffee always with saccharin, undercooked hamburgers, the DC universe only with Zack Snyder. And if they can’t have it their way, they get angry. We all know that in its day the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement got The director’s cut of ‘Justice League’ came to light in HBO Maxsomething that gave wings to a shrinking (but equally violent) fan base that he is not able to understand that the winds in Warner have changed.

Fire to James Gunn

It was seen coming, deep down, because many have already dropped on social networks that everything that was not restoring the Snyderverse and bringing back henry cavill, Ben Affleck Y gal gadot would be the subject of mass hate and hashtags on the internet. Clear, James Gunn was not in the business of paying attention to them and announced what we already know: movies and television series that, for the most part, they broke with everything that has been seen so far to offer a more cohesive universe.

The reaction on Twitter was immediate: “You have to start from scratch for a decade instead of letting Zack finish his movies next year. fuck you allor “Hey, James Gunn, did you know that the only ones we CARE about in the DC Universe are Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, right? And you’re running the DC Universe? Give up this position, you don’t deserve it” are just two examples of the thousands of tweets from supposedly functional adults demanding that a movie studio pay attention to them.

There are those who remember the reason why he was fired (briefly) from Marvel, who believe that this is actually a conspiracy to sink DCwho believes that no one gave a chance to zack snyder… A circus that you can find yourself searching for #FireJamesGunn on Twitter, which became a trending topic in the United States (briefly). I strongly recommend it to you see where the denial of reality can take you. Zack Snyder isn’t coming back, now it’s someone else’s turn to try. And bullying on social media isn’t going to change that.

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“Fuck you all”: Zack Snyder fans trending topic #FireJamesGunn after learning about the future of the DC Universe