June 12, 2021

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From “Tucita” to Juliancito Bravo: what happened to the children who captivated the Golden Age of cinema

From Tucita to Juliancito Bravo what happened to the children
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Cinema Mexican was full of memorable artists who have undoubtedly been immortalized for their impeccable performances, charisma and unmatched legacy. Some are a reference today to countless classics, others, despite enjoying the same fame, quickly faded after their appearances on the big screen.

This is the case of some of the children who were referents of the most brilliant moment of cinema in Mexico, some ventured as businessmen, others lost interest in continuing in the acting paths and others were overshadowed by controversies that led them to jail.

It was the case of Cesáreo Quezadas Cubillas, known by the nickname that gave him fame, “Thumbelina”. The controversy that revolved around his life began in 2002, when he was arrested for having sexually abused his children. Decades after his famous performances, the only thing that would be controversial about the actor would be the series of crimes.

He participated in more than 17 films including Thumbelina, from 1958, a film directed by René Cardona that gave him great fame and thanks to which he obtained the nickname with which he would be known in his artistic career, Santa claus, from 1959; Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb against the monsters, Y Adventures of Thumbelina and Joselito.

These tapes gave him great projection on the screen, but everything changed when He was indicted in the early 2000s and was released earlier this year.

Photo: UNAM Film Library
Photo: UNAM Film Library

While there were those who stood out for their nice image that reflected tenderness, it was the case of María Eugenia Llamas, who gave life to the famous character “La Tucita”. An iconic character of the Golden Cinema. Her appearances in films as an innocent girl on The Three Huastecos Y They say I’m a womanizer they won the hearts of the Mexican public.

The actress died in 2014, although prior to her death she revealed something that fans longed to know, where the nickname came from “Your date” that so much characterized her for years. According to what the actress recorded, the director Ismael Rodriguez He gave it the nickname for not being able to name a hybrid between a mole and a little girl well. According to Llamas’ explanation, it was what the filmmaker felt when he saw it.

After his success on the big screen during the 1950s, he returned to his native Monterrey, although he would not return to mega productions until the eighties, although his appearances no longer stood out despite the fact that he retained his famous nickname. For much of his life he devoted to the theater and also to his family that he would make up during his adult life.

Photo: Movie "Aka The Rat" (1966)
Photo: Movie “Alias ​​El Rata” (1966)

Another example of moving away from the spotlight and the big screen was the case of Juliancito Bravo, who in the sixties had positioned himself as one of the most charismatic young people in cinema. His roles always impregnated drama but also with their doses of comedy. However, As soon as he reached adulthood, he dedicated himself to business life, which was financially more fruitful for him.

“I never tried to get my children to be actors, they freely chose their professions that have nothing to do with the stage,” he once assured Cinematographic Journalists (Pesime).

Julián decided to retire from the artistic environment despite the fact that in his childhood he was a very popular child figure. But in the interview he gave to the exclusive film medium, he specified that the job of being An actor can be very thankless and with little time for personal life.

Juliancito captivated the audience with his sympathy and grace with performances in My first communion, I will follow in your footsteps, El Tunco Maclovio Y The great adventure among other unforgettable films in which he participated.

Now, away from any activity that has to do with the artistic environment, Julián, father of three children: Julián, Natalia and Santiago, lives life from another perspective, that of family and business. To date, the actor says he is not sorry, although the cinema left him a very pleasant memory that lasts to this day for his performances in unforgettable films.