From a movie: a man in Jalisco escaped from a court while his hearing was taking place

The subject, identified as Tomas “N” is accused of the crime of qualified robbery and attempted murder.

In a video shared on social networks, the exact moment was shown in which a man escaped from a court in Chapala, Jalisco after threatening the authorities with a sharp object and breaking one of the windows in the vicinity of the Court, this while his hearing was taking place. The subject, identified as Tomás “N”, is accused of qualified robbery, as well as attempted homicide.

According to the images, the event occurred when the authorities were reading the documents regarding their legal process, when Tomás “N” took advantage of the moment of distraction to grab a sharp weapon from the bag of one of the assistants, later and still with handcuffs, the aforementioned threatened the court personnel when they tried to arrest him, in this way the criminal was able to achieve his mission and leave the court facilities.

With a knife, Tomas “N” threatened judicial authorities to escape while his hearing was taking place

Subsequently, another of the recordings showed the moment where the defendant used the chair with which he was chained to break one of the windows and thus leave the vicinity of the Criminal Court of Control and Orality of chapala, Jaliscolocated in the deviation Hacienda s/n, Labor de Medina.

Despite the fact that the authorities tried to arrest him, Tomás “N” left the place. During his capture, one of the police officers fired several shots at him, however, none of them achieved their goal and the criminal quickly left the Court.

After threatening the authorities, Tomas “N” broke the windows of the Court to leave. At the time, one of the security elements fired shots at the criminal to stop him.

Hours later, elements of the Secretary of Public Security of Jalisco They reported on the recapture of a fugitive from justice, whom they found outside the vicinity of the Municipal Court of Justice. When he was re-admitted, the defendant was once again handcuffed, with his head covered and accompanied by several police officers around him. According to information from journalist Elsa Gutiérrez, Tomás “N” was recaptured on the Chapala hill. Now, in addition to the crimes he faces, he will face a much more serious legal process.

It is worth mentioning that Jalisco is one of the most dangerous entities in the country, this according to data from the monthly report of Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), since from September to October 2022, the entity registered 140 crimes for intentional homicide, while the number of people killed for this crime was 172.

For their part, several Internet users expressed their disgust at the events, since they considered that the state authorities They are not trained to deal with these types of cases. and, that if he was not captured again, the lives of the citizens could have been endangered. In the same way, they mentioned that the entity governed by Enrique Alfaro is one of the most dangerous and that the security protocols of the local Courts are deficient.

“Unfortunately, it’s a state criminal court, poor security. They must have at least two security people who do not allow them to get up from the chair, and have taisers (electrical discharge guns) in accordance with protocols for the rational use of force.”, shared one of the users on social networks.

In addition, there were others who mocked the policeman’s actions, because on neither of the two occasions when the firearm detonated was he able to hit the offender.

“Hahaha like a Mexican action movie, the policeman forgave him twice, it is clearly seen how he had his sights on him with the first shot and he lowers the weapon so as not to damage him.”

So far, the governor of Jalisco has not issued any opinion on the matter.


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From a movie: a man in Jalisco escaped from a court while his hearing was taking place