“Free Guy”: How does Ryan Reynolds feel about reuniting with Taika Waititi after the failure of “Green Lantern”?

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The actor immerses himself in a new artistic proposal, where he explores all the adventures that a person can live immersed in a video game: money, lives, automatic healing of wounds and more. This is your movie , a film where he reunites with Taika Waititi, and recreates the world of video games true to his style.

In the film, Reynolds crosses the line between reality and fiction to show that the world is constantly evolving every day. In addition, success smiles on you again, since “Free Guy” has raised an estimated $ 28.4 million in its first weekend in the United States and Canada despite the fact that the market is still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about this production, Ryan Reynolds spoke with El Comercio through a link via Zoom and told details about his character ‘Guy’ and his story in “Free City”, a very popular game where chaos and devastation reign . In addition, he recognized the work he did alongside Taika Waititi (they both worked together on the criticized “Green Lantern”) and the difficulties of production amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the film, Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, a Free City Bank teller who lives an ordinary one, like everyone else. In the plot, he is a character full of positive energy, optimism and is always willing to do things well, but everything changes when he discovers that he is a player in the open world video game “Free City”.

“(Guy) is a boy with many qualities, you know, I think it was very sad to know that he had an optimistic worldview despite the fact that every day he had a shot stolen. He, despite the fact that the world was not good, woke up in good spirits every day and thought that doing good things would bring him good things. Like in the movies, going from zero to superhero is Hollywood ”, Reynolds told El Comercio.

Regarding video games, Ryan pointed out that he is not a ‘gamer’, but he feels connected with them through his children. I do not have a relationship with video games as broad as you would think. I played a lot of them when I was young … I see the appeal and it’s intoxicating. Video games are a lot of digital art work, but I’m not familiar with them right now. I have three children. I don’t have time for… you know, no video games ”, precise.


While the plot and characters are an important part of the film, for Ryan Reynolds sharing credits with friends, such as filmmaker Taika Waititi, has meant a lot to this film. In addition, the cast of “Free Guy” includes actors such as Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Joe Keery, among others.

“The most exciting thing about working on ‘Free Guy’ I think was finding a creator like Shawn Levy, I always wanted to work with him, but I never imagined that he would click the way we did, I would love to have had him 10 years earlier” , Ryan Reynolds said.

“I admit that I feel strange and fortunate to meet people who speak the same language and who have the same value system, impulses and many similarities, it’s really shocking how we look alike, that’s why it’s like a family with Shawn, also with Taika Waititi, we’ve been friends for 12 years, but currently working with him on another movie is exciting, well, the whole cast is like me blood”, added the Canadian actor

Free Guy How does Ryan Reynolds feel about reuniting with


When asked about the premiere of this film in the midst of the uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reynolds acknowledged that it has been difficult to postpone the debut three times; however, he is optimistic about the “Free Guy” message. It should be noted that, in its first weekend in the United States and Canada, the film garnered more than $ 28 million in estimated gross, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“Well, you know, it’s like living breathing hell fire. Doing the promotion, marketing and introducing partners given the fact that it has been postponed three times, but you know those are real world issues regarding what is happening in the world. I’d call it uptown trouble, as they say in New York. For me, the biggest challenge is precisely what happens here, I am talking to you through a screen, we are not with each other in a room to have a conversation, I miss that part “Reynolds said.

“Free Guy” is available in some national cinemas. The film narrates the adventures of ‘Guy’, a common man until his life takes a total turn when entering Free City.


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