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A true story…although hard to believe

save the king, in hbo max

save the king
hbo max

The incident in Botswana, the affair with Corinna Larsen, the millionaire commissions, the shady business of the son-in-law… The blunders of the reign of John Charles I they are not new. However, placed in a row, one after another, they give rise to that well-thumbed reflection according to which there are realities that, told as fiction, would be implausible.

With astonishment and a certain embarrassment, one attends to this chain of blunders by our penultimate head of state, questioning his own perception of the “King from Campeche” and why some of those well-known issues – the affair with Barbara King, for example – seemed less serious then than now.

With new revelations –a long relationship that the emeritus had with a photographer, Queca Campillo–, a sober style and a solid, measured and contrasted journalistic work, save the king It is a good summary of the reign of Juan Carlos I, with a clear thesis on why it had to be saved for so many years and why, when a time came, it was stopped.

My favorite movie of 2021

Licorice Pizza, in Amazon Prime Video

The film oscillates like its essential soundtrack between the electric of these characters and situations, an energy very typical of the 70s and first love, and the placidity of a couple's nap, more in keeping with the peculiar rhythm of falling in love with its protagonists. or from previous films by Paul Thomas Anderson like Drunk with Love. But Licorice Pizza writes with its own calligraphy the romance of its protagonists: it is a story about everything that happens until Gary and Alana fall in love, from the trucks to driving without gas and in reverse, the ruined businesses, the announcements on the radio , the races until they meet at the right point. (5/5)
Licorice Pizza
Amazon Prime Video

Licorice Pizza begins with a wonderful and very long sequence shot that contains the entire cinema of Paul Thomas Anderson and, at the same time, the entire film that we are about to see. nina simone sings July Tree when Alana and Gary’s paths first cross, when Gary instantly falls in love with Alana and asks her out, and when Alana, who is in her early twenties, laughs at Gary, who is not yet 16.

Cooper Hoffmann plays Gary and from that first sequence it is impossible not to fall at his feet. He is an absolute crush. With his talent as a child actor, his water bed business, his pinball machine business, with his declaration to his eight-year-old brother: “I have met a girl and one day I will marry her… And you will be my best man at my wedding.” ”.

Is the son of Philip Seymour Hoffmann and he carries his father on his face, in every gesture, in the talent he wastes. she is the singer Alan Haim. They are both debutantes and the perfect Gary and Alana. Licorice Pizza is his love story in El Valle (Los Angeles) in the 70s, a setting in which Paul Thomas Anderson grew up, which he already traveled at the same time in boogie nights and that recreates here between sweetness and extravagance: the oil crisis in the year 73, innovative Japanese restaurants, casting tests, Hollywood stars in the iconic places of the Los Angeles night, the memory of Grace Kelly, mayoral candidates who They hide that they are homosexual…

Licorice Pizza is the luminous reverse of the invisible thread to the extent that falling in love in this film is something beautiful, without duplicity, happy, like the film itself, so far removed from the tortured characters of The master either Wells of ambition. Somehow, it also reminds American Graffiti or to the most disjointed films of Richard Linklater in its delicious, liquid form, so elusive, in which time flows as in life.

The best Paul Newman

final verdict, in Disney+

final verdict
final verdict

Yes Paul Newman, David Mamet Y Sidney Lumet They are not enough incentive for you to see this movie, I can retire. This trio of aces, to which is added a mysterious Charlotte Rampling, composes one of the best judicial thrillers in the history of cinema.

Frank Galvin (Newman) is an alcoholic lawyer about to throw away what remains of his promising career. A former partner offers to defend a woman in a coma after a medical error at the hospital where she was going to give birth. That case will become his opportunity to redeem himself as a lawyer and as a person.

The wake of Villarejo

Emperor Code, in Netflix

Emperor Code
Emperor Code

If this were Hollywood there would already be three films, two series and three miniseries about the commissioner Villarejo. However, here there are issues that touch too many noses to address even from fiction.

For this reason, proposals such as Jorge Coira’s are appreciated (Iron) in emperor code who reimagines this universe following in the footsteps of Juan (Louis Tosar), a secret service agent who carries out a series of unofficial operations to frame an emerging politician.

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Four recommendations on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +