Forget Netflix or Amazon Prime, now your movies will come in NFT

Just as the world of art and video games were conquered by the non-fungible token (NFT) fever, now the film industry is beginning to show signs that it will be the next big thing to happen in the digital collectibles market. .

“It is very possible that in the future many films will broadcast NFT to reward loyal moviegoers as part of their marketing strategies.” This is pointed out by a publication of the specialized site NonFungible, in which it is analyzed how the collectible token ecosystem is conquering the film industry, introducing innovative methods of content distribution and consumption.

The article takes a look at some projects that have been presented this year in the world of cinema and that give a glimpse of the possible future of the industry. The first of these occurred in March when production company Legendary Entertainment launched NFT collections of his movie Godzilla vs. Kong.

Thus, what was the first tokenized art release in collaboration with a major film studio was realized. There were seven works created by the artist BossLogic (Kode Abdo), which went on sale and with it a new source of income other than the box office emerged.

Vuele is the first Netflix-style platform to watch and collect exclusive limited-edition feature films and collector’s NFT content. Source: Pexels.

Later in June, producer Enderby Entertainment collaborated with non-fungible token platform CurrencyWorks to develop “Vuele.” It is a similar product to Netflix, but in NFT or the first market focused on tokenized feature films. Now the science fiction film Zero Contact, starring Anthony Hopkins, will be auctioned on site as a collectible token.

Series, cinema and audiovisual projects drop the NFT fever

The animated series Stoner Cats raised $ 8.4 million through an NFT sale that sold out in just 35 minutes in late July when the Ethereum network crashed, just like reported CriptoNoticias.

Fans who bought NFT of the audiovisual project acquired, with them, the exclusive right to see certain episodes. In this way, they demonstrated to the industry that Collectible tokens are a new alternative to attract financing independently.

Everything seems to indicate that NFT they really can be more than a complement to the film business and big companies like Fox Entertainment are already visualizing it, now that they announced a fund of USD 100 million for the development of its own collection token section.

His project focuses on operate a digital marketplace where moviegoers can go to buy characters, art and Gif in NFT associated with the series and other audiovisuals produced by the company.

On the other hand, there are other film projects that have announced their launches of tokenized collections. One of them is Matrix Resurrection, which will feature an NFT collection based on hyper-realistic avatars of characters from the film, just as reported CriptoNoticias. Also, a classic, like Pulp Fiction, will have its collectibles “secrets” of the film that only its director Quentin Tarantino knows.

The world of cinema is invigorated in the light of a new source of capital, now that the objective seems to be to leave behind the financial problems that arose due to the global quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it remains to be seen if for next year digital collectibles are still in fashion or if, on the contrary, they will remain only for the memory.

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Forget Netflix or Amazon Prime, now your movies will come in NFT