Five curiosities that you will love to know about ‘Jungle Cruise’

Jungle Cruise is one of the films that allowed to revitalize the box office in 2021. With its Agile plot, entertaining story, and endearing characters, It is also entertainment in its purest form. But beyond that, the film managed to show that movies based on theme park attractions have a great future ahead of them.

Especially when there are plans for a movie sequel. Also, a remake of Pirates of the Caribbean with a woman at the helm and as many not-so-secret projects that Disney hopes to explore. This is a great time for adventure films, but also for that curious relationship between the public and their favorite parks.

But to achieve such a triumph, Jungle Cruise He had to go through some difficulties and some other obstacle. Actually, her behind-the-scenes story is just as funny as the one you saw on the movie screen or on your device. We tell you five quick things you might not know about Jungle Cruise, its filming and its process to become the great project that resulted.

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The film has the same humor as its version in parks

If you’ve visited them, you already know: the oldest attraction in Disneyland is also the one with the best script. The majority They belong to a long tradition of actors and ways of entertaining users.

Well, the scriptwriters of Jungle Cruise They decided to use the same humor and even some phrases for their film adaptation. It is a tribute that pays tribute to the attraction and also to the way the public has related to it over the decades.

‘Jungle Cruise’ was filmed on one of the largest sets ever created by Disney

And we don’t say it: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself says it. Before the premiere of the film, The actor commented in several interviews and on his social networks about the size of the set built for the film. In addition, he insisted on the level of detail, care and pampering that Disney had dedicated.

There could be another Jungle Cruise movie!

The movie Jungle Cruise by Jaume Collet-Serra might not have been the first Disney carried out on the attraction. In 2004 a joint Mandeville Films project based on the journey and plot was announced. There was even talk about some tentative and early meetings about the possibility of carrying out the project. During 2006, rumors about future production increased. But eventually, the possibility entered the limbo of unfinished Hollywood projects.

An anthropologist on the road

You saw it Jungle Cruise surely you have thought about it immediately: the great reference for the film was Indiana Jones. You are not wrong! During the promo, the cast and crew revealed that the aesthetics and characters are inspired by the most famous archaeologist in cinema. In addition, the film pays tribute to the idea of ​​the hero by accident, a concept that Dr. Jones took to its fullest.

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With love for the Pirates

And how could it be otherwise, Jungle Cruise is an immediate debtor of the
franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, one of Disney’s crown jewels. According to the director and his producers, Jungle Cruise it would have made it to the screen without the success of the adventures of Jack Sparrow and company.

The reason? The fact that Pirates of the Caribbean it showed that the public of the attractions can enjoy the films with similar themes. What’s more, you can also feel the same excitement on screen as on the wheeled cart. Quite a risky experiment that Pirates of the Caribbean successfully surpassed and that opened the doors of the future for Jungle Cruise.

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Five curiosities that you will love to know about ‘Jungle Cruise’