First reactions to Matrix Resurrections anticipate an ambitious and clever movie, but not perfect

The reaction of those who have already seen Matrix Resurrections has been overwhelmingly positive, although there are some “buts” towards the Lana Wachowski film.

The next December 22th premieres Matrix Resurrections, the fourth film in the Matrix franchise that will return us to that digital world conceived to keep humans subdued while serving as “stacks” for the legions of machines that now control Earth.

Keanu Reeves returns to the franchise as Neo, like Carrie-Anne Moss, who will re-incarnate Trinity.

Both characters died in Matrix Revolutions, which has “resurrected” many bizarre theories about the reality of the entire history of the saga of Science fiction.

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Given the imminence of the premiere of Matrix Resurrections, part of the press has already attended, or will attend today, the relevant viewing to prepare their criticism.

As often happens in films of this scope, many have left their first reactions on Twitter, anticipating their verdict a little on the new installment of the saga.

In general, the reactions are quite positive, praising the role of Lana Wachowski in the direction of the film, and emphasizing that “only she could have made the film.”

It seems that the tandem of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss continues to work just as well as in the original trilogy, and that Jessica Henwick is revealed as one of the most interesting characters in the movie.

However, some critics have pointed out that the Matrix Ressurrections, despite being a balm after the sequels of the original film, is not perfect, and that some scenes can seem very stupid in the general set of the film.

In any case, as always, the best review you are going to find for Matrix Ressurrections (or any movie, series, game …) is the one you write yourself after watching it.

Next week we’ll find out if Neo and Trinity’s new adventure lives up to the best of expectations, or is outrageously convoluted, for the worse. Maybe a little of each?

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First reactions to Matrix Resurrections anticipate an ambitious and clever movie, but not perfect