First image of the Fallout television series

The first image of Fallout, the Amazon Prime Video television series, has already come to light. The excitement of the fans is very high.

We already have here the first image of the Fallout television series. On the occasion of the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the video game franchise, Amazon Studios and Kilter Films, the companies behind the next television adaptation of the saga, have published a new image of the project on social networks. Viewers have reacted with great enthusiasm to this.

Before this first official image of fallout, fans of the franchise had only seen leaked photos on the set itself. They were leaked from production and appeared on social networks. Most of those leaked images showed a Super Duper Mart. Basically, this is an emblematic supermarket chain that appears in the fourth installment of the saga.

What can we understand by looking at this image?

Other photographs leaked on the set of filming, allegedly taken in the real scenes of falloutreveal the interior of Vault 32. However, the first official image of the series of Amazon Prime Video It clearly shows people in suits labeled with the number 33. This has created a lot of doubts among fans. What’s going on? Perhaps the story will focus on the members of Vault 33 going to visit Vault 32 sometime after the end of the world comes. However, this is only speculation.

Considering how popular the franchise is fallout in general terms, it’s truly amazing how long it’s taken so long for a TV series to appear. Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video has put all the meat on the grill to adapt the story in a serial format. Based on the image we just saw, with that fabulous sci-fi vibe, it seems that the studio’s project has an authentic presence and a very precise nature.

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First image of the Fallout television series