First details about The Marvels revealed

The first details about The Marvels, the second Captain Marvel movie, have already come to light. This is what they have told!

In an interview given to Varietythe actress Iman Vellani has revealed very interesting details about the marvels. She tought that kamala khan He would barely have a cameo and little else. However, it seems that the paper became bigger and bigger. She also spoke about the role that her character will play in what is considered to be a sequel to Captain Marvelstarring Brie Larson. Thus, one of the first details we know is that Kamala Khan will have much more weight in the film than we imagined.

Iman Vellani revealed that she had a feeling she would appear in the marvels. However, she was surprised when she learned that she would be one of the leads. “It was during a night session, when they announced all that at Disney Investor Day,” she explained. “Right before I announce the cast of the movie, I get a text message from Disney PR, from Brie Larson, and from all of our producers. At the same time. They told me that she was in the movie. So, they announced it on the screen. I was deeply grateful. I had a feeling she was going to be in it, but more as a cameo, not an actual main character. So it was great.”

The actress was excited Nia DaCostadirector of the marvels. “He is my favorite person,” said Iman Vellani. “I think she is talented, caring and considerate. She is very much a director of actors. […] He always gives you positive reinforcement, even if he has nothing to say to you.” But that love does not end with the filmmaker. “Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris are just as wonderful,” she continued. «Being together with them and sharing the screen is very empowering. I didn’t want to be the only one continually getting emotional, so I had to control myself a bit. I took it very seriously.”

The deep admiration for the figure of Brie Larson

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Kamala Khan loves Captain Marvel and Iman Vellani shares those feelings towards Brie Larson, the great protagonist of the marvels. “It was very sweet,” she recalled. “She was very shy and I felt like anything I wanted to ask was going to sound stupid, but she didn’t make me feel that way. She has a warm presence and made our Zoom call intimate by explaining her experience to me. […] Any time I had a problem on set, I would send her a teto message and she was available to answer my questions, no matter how silly or small.”

Iman Vellani’s admiration for the leader of the marvels seems to be infinite. “Brie Larson really wanted to be there for me,” said the Kamala Khan actress. «Because, although she was already an established actress, being in the MCU changed her career forever. The sheer amount of attention you get for being an MCU actor is completely unmatched by anything else in this industry, and she wanted to mentally prepare me for that and hold my hand through the entire process.”

As for keeping all the secrets of the cinematic universe of Marvel, the Kamala Khan star declared that she would not be problematic at all in that regard. “I love it,” she assured. “Is power. For some people, money and business are power. For me, they are the secrets of the MCU. I promised Kevin Feige that he would never reveal any secrets. If that happens to me, I withdraw from the cinema.

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First details about The Marvels revealed