First and confronted reactions to “Black Adam”, a few days after its official premiere

New preview of the film starring Dwayne Johnson about one of the most powerful villains in the universe of DC Comics heroes

The fantastic action and superhero film starring Dwayne Johnson and directed by Spanish-American filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra, Black Adam, premieres on October 20 in Latin America and on 21 in the United States. However, it already has a large part of the audience in suspense to enjoy this blockbuster from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. Specialized critics have already released their first reactions to this new title that introduces the antihero.

the official synopsis recounts that “nearly 5,000 years after being endowed with the omnipotent powers of the ancient gods—and imprisoned just as quickly—Black Adam is released from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique brand of justice on the modern world.” . What do you think all this brings? He finds out a bit more below.

New poster of “Black Adam”. (Warner Bros.)

The rock is excellent in Black Adam. That includes a host of theme stones anchored in the real world. The most moving thing is that it reinforces the need for heroes in dark times. Director Jaume Collet-Serra presents the basic ingredients to build an even bigger universe. The action is fun and has a gigantic scale.” – Variety

“Tons of action, immediately engaging characters, and incredible pacing. Dwayne Johnson he strikes a great balance between being menacing and tough, but also empathetic. I especially loved Hawkman and Doctor Fate. More JSA movies please!” – fandango

"Black Adam" premieres on October 20 in Latam and on 21 in the US (Warner Bros.)
“Black Adam” premieres on October 20 in Latam and on the 21st in the US (Warner Bros.)

“I had to go through some metal detectors for the screening of Black Adam In New York. Too bad it was so bad. It has no emotional depth. Zero sense of danger for the lead character and boring CGI battles.” – CNET

“Unfortunately, Black Adam It’s not the hit that Warner Bros. needed. She’s full of awkward exposition, has a forgettable villain, and feels like she’s just chasing the action.” – TheDirect

Dwayne Johnson is the star in "Black Adam". (Warner Bros.)
Dwayne Johnson is the star in “Black Adam.” (Warner Bros.)

Black Adam it works in many ways. There is a charm offense by Dwayne Johnson and Pierce Brosnan; Aldis Hodge oozes charisma, and the chemistry between Noah Centineo and Quintessa Swindell is evident. However, the internal logic and inconsistency of the script make it a disappointing story.” – vox.

Black Adam It is based on an epic and non-stop action. It made me immediately want a sequel with a more fluid story. The characters are great, especially Teth-Adam and Doctor Fate. It’s a movie about bad guys. This character is a role in which The Rock excels. He is amazing as Teth-Adam. On the other hand, the idea of ​​crossing over with other DC heroes and villains after this movie is fabulous. – Comic Book

You just need to see it and draw your own conclusions. Wait for it next October 20 in theaters.


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First and confronted reactions to “Black Adam”, a few days after its official premiere