Film about the Eucharist among the 10 highest grossing in theaters in the United States

The documentary film “Alive” (in English “Alive”), about the power of the Eucharist, swept the theaters of the United States and achieved a historic achievement: it is within the top 10 positions of the national box office on the day of its premiere , surpassing major Hollywood productions.

The Spanish documentary tells the real stories and testimonies of people who transformed their lives thanks to the power of Eucharist. “This film was made to help people, to give them hope, and to touch their hearts,” Jorge Pareja, the film’s director, told ACI Prensa in 2021.

The film was directed by Jorge Pareja and the script is by Jaime Pineda. It is a pastoral initiative of Fr. José Pedro Manglano, which was produced by Hakuna Films and distributed internationally by Bosco Films.

Bosco Films stated in a statement, sent to ACI Prensa on April 28, that the documentary “came to US movie theaters after a long conversation with Fathom Events co-distributor of the film”, which is one of the main distributors of content to theaters in North America.

“Vivo” opened in the United States on Monday, April 25, and that same day it ranked sixth out of the top 10 at the domestic box office. The tape surpasses popular movies like The Batman, Spider-man: No Way Home, Morbius or The Lost City.

The distributor highlighted that despite the fact that the film premiered on Monday at 7:00 pm, a day and time usually “complicated” to go see a movie, almost 30 thousand viewers in the United States saw it.

The reception of the film in theaters was so great that “in some cities, such as The Woodlands (Texas), up to four simultaneous theaters had to be enabled due to the great demand of the public that expected to see it,” he specified.

According Bosco Films, on its “only day of release”, the film “opened in 742 theaters and achieved the best average per print with $498 gross per theater.” In total, the tape “raised a total of 351,494 dollars”, and still needs to be counted in “40 cinemas”, he specified.

Movies like The Man from the North, The Bad Guys, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, Sonic 2 and The Weight of Talent were also on the opening day.

The films were distributed by major companies such as Focus Features, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, and Lionsgate.

The film “Vivo” already enjoyed great box office success before its premiere in the United States, as it reached “over 100,000 spectators,” Bosco Films said.

The production company specified that during its world premiere in Spain, the film filled the six theaters where it was screened and “entered that same weekend in the top 10 of Spanish box office”.

The success was repeated in Mexico, where it reached number eight in the national box office; and in Colombia, where the tape catholic ranked 11th.

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Film about the Eucharist among the 10 highest grossing in theaters in the United States