Fast and Furious: why Dwayne Johnson won’t return to the main Fast and Furious saga

After what make it known that there are only two more films left in the successful saga ””, after the premiere of its last installment in April 2021, it was made public that will not continue in the project; that is, he will not play Hobbs under the command of the popular ‘Dominic Toretto’.

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Although it was all thought to be simple theories, things changed when the producer Hiram Garcia confirmed the information; Likewise, he calmed viewers by stating that the spin-off with Jason Statham still running: “Right now we’re trying to imagine what the sequel is going to be, but we have some pretty big ideas.”

Secondly, Hiram He said that the retirement decision made by the former professional wrestler came after recording ” Fast and Furious 8 ′ ”, by ” obvious reasons ”. Hence the comments of the bad relationship that Johnson and Diesel would have, which created enormous tension during their work time.

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In the interview for the website ‘Collider’, Hiram stated that the husband of Lauren Hashian He wished everyone on set the best, but not before telling them to focus on other narrative becoming. He also added that his exit from the saga will not affect the plans he has for Hobbs:

“We are working to give something really unique and fresh and we know that the studio is looking forward to giving it to them as soon as possible.”


The extensive discord began during the recordings of the eighth movie action, when the actors had different differences that caused the resignation of ‘The Rock’ and led him to focus on his own sequel ‘’Hobbs and Shaw’’. Although during the promotion of the film the stars smoothed out rough spots, this did not last long.

Vin Diesel revealed that the rivalry arose when he, in his role as producer, got serious and pushed during the filming of said installment to get the best of ‘Hobbs’. This attitude would not have been well received by his colleague, who during the promotion of the film ‘Jungle Cruise’ he said he had laughed at the film director’s comments.