“Fast and furious”: this was what John Cena said about the cast of the saga

Famous actor and boxer John Cena recently revealed some insecurities about the cast of ““; And it is that according to the interpreter of Jakob Toretto, the team of the successful franchise would have been concerned about their income. Next, find out the reason for the discomfort that the fighter generated.

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As you remember, price he joined the “Fast and Furious” team in the ninth installment as the main antagonist of the story. Jakob is Dominic’s estranged brother and Cipher’s former agent. Likewise, other characters that return in this film are Justin Lin y Sung Kang, of whom little or nothing was known for three editions.

Premiered in 2001, the franchise is Universal’s largest original property, allowing a combined gross income of more than $ 6 billion. With a spin-off on the way and 9 titles on the air, the saga is two tapes from its end, but that will not be all. There will be news soon about another spinoff movie featuring female characters.

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Jakob is Dominic’s estranged brother and Cipher’s former agent (Photo: UIP)


When his entry into the popular saga was made public, Cena revealed to People magazine that the team of “Fast and Furious” He was initially hesitant to welcome him into the family, which brought back memories of the atmosphere in wrestling when an unknown presence arrived. Likewise, he said that he had to fight to earn a space and the trust of his teammates:

“They were a little worried that I was there, just like we were in the WWE What, ‘Who is the new guy? ‘ But when the new guy does something nice or when you have good open conversations, it’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re fine.’ Or as Vin calls it, ‘the family.’

John Cena participated in the ninth installment of "Fast and furious". (Photo: Vin Diesel / Instagram)
John Cena participated in the ninth installment of “Fast and Furious”. (Photo: Vin Diesel / Instagram)


And it is that with two decades of friendship, it is normal for the team of actors to be suspicious of those who are about to join the family. About, price He talked about how different the cast is from others he has participated in:

“Normally you do the project and move on. It is like a wonderful summer camp. You make great friends, with some you keep in touch and some you don’t, but you do the work and then you move on. [En cambio] This family meets every two years to make Fast [películas]. They are celebrating their twentieth anniversary “.


He also added that this secrecy makes him feel at home: “Next year will be my 20th anniversary as a WWE performer. So see to Vin and Jordana [Brewster], Michelle [Rodríguez] and the team, Tyrese [Gibson] and Luda [Ludacris], being in these characters for 20 years, feels as homey as a locker room from the WWE. I had never felt it anywhere. “

So well John is a “Fast and furious” Nearly in its final stage, the bonds that you have created on set are sure to endure for a long time. As it is remembered, Dom allows Jakob to escape, so his situation with the family is included; this would leave one hope to believe in their return.