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After being delayed multiple times due to the pandemic, Fast and furious 9 it is finally available in much of the world and specialized critics have already had the opportunity to see it. What do you think of her? Here we have gathered what the experts are saying about her and everything seems to indicate that she did not disappoint … so much.

In general, the vast majority of critics praise the action scenes shown in the film, which despite having nine installments in the franchise, assure that they are still quite impressive. Regarding a specific rating, Fast and furious 9 is “Fresh” in Rotten tomatoes with a rating of 63/100.


Here’s what some critics say about her:

“F9 has it all. It has moments that fans have always wanted to see, moments that we never thought we would see, action to spare, and it gets a lot more emotional than any other movie ”, Germain Lussier from io9.

“The spectacular action and strong chemistry between the cast is sabotaged by a script that seems to have forgotten the lessons of ‘Specter’, ‘Scream 3’ and ‘The Rise of Skywalker'”, Scott Mendelson of Forbes.

“The world of ‘Fast and Furious’ has never felt more out of control than here, but for the first time in a long time it feels like it is headed in the right direction again.” David Ehrlich from IndieWire.

As you can see, fans of the franchise won’t be disappointed, however, don’t expect a cinematic masterpiece either. After all, who would do with one of these movies?

Fast and furious 9 arrives in Mexican movie theaters on June 24.


Via: Rotten Tomatoes

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