Family Christmas marathon with these Disney + movies

And much more recent the new installments of the saga, launched since 2002 and that tell us the story of new characters and a new family but with the same old essence: ending thieves forever. In addition, the last to arrive was in 2021 and is “Finally Home Alone”, an original Disney + Christmas movie that tells us how Max Mercer must stay home alone, at the age of ten, when his family has gone to Japan and has forgotten about it. You must protect the house from intruders.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1990 / 1992 / 1997

Duration: One hour and 43 minutes

Thematic: Comedy / Children’s film for the whole family

Recommended age: For over six years

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Christmas cartoons are a must at parties if we are looking for something entertaining to do with the little ones in the house … They are not all movies but we find cartoon specials to watch in little moments (twenty, thirty minutes) if we want an episode Christmas themed to watch with those who get tired of TV soon.

Christmas story

A Christmas Carol is a short film, only half an hour long, released in the eighties. A Christmas classic covered by Disney characters and that tells the story of stingy Scrooge. Dickens’s tale adapted for children if we are looking for something short to enjoy at Christmas for infect the little ones of the essence of it.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1983

Duration: About 26 minutes

Thematic: Animation / Literature Based

Recommended age: For all audiences

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Beauty and the Beast: An Enchanted Christmas

Fans of Disney princesses can enjoy this lesser known Christmas movie than others on the list. A short film, only one hour and ten, in which the characters meet again for Christmas. Beast does not want to celebrate the holidays because it was in those dates in which he suffered the curse but Bella is excited to decorate the entire castle and celebrate everything. You will need the help of Chip, Lumière and the others to infect Beast with the usual joy but they will also have to face a villain who wants to separate them.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1997

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Thematic: Childish

Recommended age: For all audiences

Beauty and the Beast: An Enchanted Christmas


Ice Age: Frozen Christmas

It is not as such a movie but a cartoon special with funny Ice Age characters and the whole saga. In this 23-minute story, Sid has been told that he will be blacklisted by Santa Claus for destroying all of Manny’s Christmas traditions. But he will not give up and will decide to go to the North Pole to justify himself or seek explanations.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2011

Duration: 23 minutes in total

Thematic: Children’s, comedy, Christmas special

Recommended age: For over six years

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Ice age

Frozen: An Olaf Adventure

Like the previous one, it is a Christmas special of just over twenty minutes and not a movie as such. For all audiences and with the best-known sisters in cinema as protagonists, in Arendelle they will celebrate the holidays. Olaf and Sven work hand in hand so that all the traditions of the kingdom are fulfilled and Ana and Elsa can celebrate Christmas. An entertaining short for lovers of Disney princesses that lasts less than half an hour.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2017

Duration: About 22 minutes

Thematic: Comedy / Fantasy

Recommended age: For all audiences

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Superhero Adventures: Fight on Ice

An animation and superhero special for Marvel fans. A one hour and fifteen minute Christmas special in which the famous protagonists of the universe must save Christmas. Loki wants to steal the powers of Santa Claus but The Avengers must stop Christmas from disappearing.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2015

Duration: One hour and 15 minutes

Thematic: Marvel / Christmas

Recommended age: For over six years

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Family comedies

Entertaining and family comedies that you can enjoy with the little ones in the house to have a good time at the movies. Adventure classics or in which we will have to help Santa Claus to save Christmas. Most of them are from the nineties but even today they are a good idea for nostalgic parents or to see with the not so young.

Go Santa Claus!

Charlie has stopped believing in Christmas because his mother and stepfather have told him that Santa Claus does not exist. But on Christmas day he will visit his father Scott (Tim Allen) when they hear a noise on the roof: the intruder in the house is Santa Claus, he has fallen and Scott will be his replacement. Charlie’s father must take the reins of the magic sleigh and convince everyone who has stopped believing in Christmas.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1994

Duration: One hour and 37 minutes

Thematic: Comedy, fantastic, family

Recommended age: For all audiences

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Go santa claus

A father in distress

One of the funniest Christmas family comedies on Disney + is starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Howard. Howard is a busy executive who barely spends time with his family but faces a problem this Christmas: your child lost the Turbo Man toy for Christmas but it is sold out in all the toy stores in the city. Finding him will not be easy but Howard will have to do it to make the little one happy.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1996

Duration: One hour and 30 minutes

Thematic: Christmas comedy to watch as a family

Age: For over six years

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Richie Rich: Christmas Wish

Richie Rich is one of the classic 90s movie characters that you have surely seen sometime and in this case stars in a Christmas special feature film. You have received a machine that grants wishes and this will make you Rich journey to a parallel world eHe who does not rule, does not have so many privileges and is not the king of the house. You must learn to value what you have in addition to trying to return everything to normal to celebrate the holidays with your family and that the Christmas magic is not spoiled on a whim.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1998

Duration: One hour and 24 minutes

Thematic: Comedy / Action & Adventure

Recommended age: For all audiences

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Noelle is one of the original Disney + movies if we are looking for Christmas tapes that we have not seen already. The Kringle family is the protagonist, a family that has dedicated itself for generations to be part of the Santa Claus saga. A job that they have inherited and now it’s up to Nick Kringle but has been scared and has decided to run away to a spiritual retreat from which he has not returned yet. Noelle, his sister, will have to do what she can to bring him back and save Christmas in a funny comedy for the whole family.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2019

Duration: One hour and 45 minutes

Thematic: Comedy

Recommended age: For all audiences

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The Muppets in a Christmas Carol

Similar to Mickey’s version but with other characters, it is the Muppets here who are in charge of starring in Dickens’s Christmas Carol. Michael Caine es Mr. Scrooge It is an essential of these parties to see with the family, although it was launched almost 30 years ago. For adults and children, the famous Muppets will star in this tale in which Scrooge is visited by ghosts of the past, present and future to teach them the importance and true meaning of Christmas.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1992

Duration: One hour and 26 minutes

Thematic: Based on the classic tale / Comedy and fantasy

Recommended age: For all audiences

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A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa

Much more cheerful, musical and recent is this other Disney + Christmas movie with the Muppets as the protagonists. A Christmas adventure that has as protagonists Gonzo, Gustavo and the others but that has luxury guests like Uma Thurman or Whoopi Goldberg. Gonzo forgot to send letters to Santa Claus so he will convince his friends to help him take them to the North Pole. Along the way they will discover the essence of Christmas, the importance of being close to the people we love.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2008

Duration: 45 minutes

Thematic: Musical comedy

Recommended age: For over six years

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Other Christmas movies

In addition to the best-known or cartoon ones, there are also other Disney Christmas movies that we can see on the streaming platform with the little ones in the house if we want to have a good time or enjoy a themed family movie session.

Christmas with the Buddies: In Search of Santa Can

Buddies are some of the best-known animals in the Disney franchise and feature movies on just about any theme. From space or adventure. But also Christmas specials like “Navdiad with the Buddies in search of Santa Can”. They are five adorable dogs that will travel to the North Pole to meet Santa Can’s son, Chiqui Can. He has stopped believing in Christmas and the puppies will help him make sense of it.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2009

Duration: One hour and 32 minutes

Thematic: Comedy / Fantasy

Recommended age: For all audiences

Watch Christmas with the Buddies: In Search of Santa Can

In Search of Santa Can

With the essence of the previous one but with other protagonists, also in this Disney Christmas feature the dogs are the main characters and they have the same mission: to find the meaning of Christmas. Together with the orphan Quinn and her friend Will, they will be in charge of finding Santa Claus and helping him regain his memory so that he remembers the meaning of these dates. Must retrieve gifts on time so everyone can celebrate. A comedy of fantasy, animals and catchy music.

In addition, it has a second part where the cubs will take care of making reality, as far as possible, all the wishes of the children from the town of Pineville.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2010

Duration: One hour and 40 minutes

Thematic: Comedy / Fantasy / Animals

Recommended age: For all audiences

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Family Christmas marathon with these Disney + movies