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The last two years have been really scandalous for Ezra Miller, Hollywood star who has been involved in plenty of troublesome episodes, damaging his reputation and most likely forever ruining his career in the DC Extended Universe. Via Vanity Fair it is reported that Miller added another controversy to his extensive list when on one occasion he demanded susan sarandon pay tribute to him on a dedicated altar Flash and some others of what seem to be his obsessions.

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Anyone who enters more or less social networks has heard about the behavior of Ezra Miller this 2022: attacks on civilians, disruption of public order, minors placed in danger, carrying weapons, etc. The last few months have been especially difficult for Warner Bros. Discovery, a conglomerate that has been forced to make radical decisions regarding the release of FlashNot canceling the movie, but considering its star’s future in the superhero franchise.

According to a source very close to Miller interviewed by Vanity Fairelle has an altar in her house in Vermont where you can see figurines of Flash, bullets, marijuana and sage. The person reported that Ezra he is very attached to this repository and that forces his visitors to interact with it; also revealed that a snub on the part of susan sarandonmade the protagonist of The Perks of Being Invisible make him an eccentric request.

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Many times he has the women put their cell phones on the altar as they enter and make other offerings. Ezra got upset recently and demanded that Susan Sarandon come pay her respects at her altar because she didn’t invite him to a dinner party.

More recent times have discovered Ezra Miller as a quirky person and it has even been commented that he has a messiah delusion. rolling stone reported a few months ago that he was seen mentally unbalanced on the set of Flash and that it was about to fall into a crisis; in more recent weeks it was reported that Warner had given him an ultimatum and that he had finally sought help to address his problems; the rumors about his dismissal from the DCEU are stronger than ever and it seems that after Flash we will never see him as Barry Allen in Hollywood again. Who will take the role of him in the saga?

Everyone knows that the biggest superhero franchises right now are run by The Walt Disney Company and Warner. But while the MCU bathes in glory and fortune over and over again, with every project released, the DCEU keeps stumbling and getting very sporadic lucky breaks. In the great competition of entertainment, Marvel’s heroes are the ones who have the upper hand and are the ones who make the most money, both on the small screen and on the big one. Will there be any relevant changes for the Justice League with the arrival of the new board of directors of Warner Bros. Discovery?

Flash has a premiere scheduled for June 23, 2023. If everything stays as in Warner’s plans, in addition to Ezra Millerwe will also see Sasha Street like Supergirl already Michael Keaton like Batman. It is almost certain that Ezra He will not work with the studio in the DCEU again, a real shame considering that he stars in some of the best scenes in the entire saga, including the one where he saves the Justice League and the entire world in the Snyder Cut.

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Ezra Miller demanded Susan Sarandon pay tribute to him at an altar in The Flash | tomatoes