‘Encanto’ is a marvel: an exciting and hilarious Disney film that ranks among the best cinema of 2021

This 2021 we have been fortunate that Disney has released two of its animated classics based on original stories when you had to go back to 2016 to find the previous one – the wonderful ‘Vaiana’-. The first was ‘Raya and the last dragon’, an estimable adventure that mixed the modern with the traditional is ease, and this Friday, November 26, it is the turn of ‘Charm’.

The first time we heard about ‘Encanto’ it coincided with the premiere of ‘Vaiana’, as Lin-Manuel Miranda had collaborated in the creation of the songs of the latter and revealed that he was going to take care of writing those of a project that for that time then it was in an early stage of development. Five years we have had to wait until it has become a reality and the wait has been worth it, because ‘Encanto’ is one of the great films of this 2021.

A delight

The premise of ‘Encanto’ is the most succulent, since it presents the Madrigal family, in which all its members have an incredible ability with which they help make the life of the town better. Well, everyone except Mirabel, who happens to be the one who discovers that her family’s powers are in danger. From there arises a dynamic adventure that has it all.

‘Encanto’ begins overflowing with energy making all the necessary presentations through a vibrant musical number that lays the foundations for everything that will come later. With this I am not only talking about the plot, because visually it is already clear that we are facing a colorful and imaginative work very concerned in present your own universe instead of trying to resemble others. It is almost inevitable to remember the sensational start of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with what is sought and achieved here.

Charm Scene Movie

In this way, ‘Charm’ shows its most sparkling side, the one that allows the viewer to enter through the eyes and make it clear that we are facing a special film. That will be maintained at all times, since its fluid rhythm is essential so that interest never wanes, but, obviously, then it does it with a little more pause so that the story that it tells us also breathes and things do not get crowded.

And it is that behind that adventure we find a script quite inspired in relation to addressing the weight of family pressures, the difficulties to live up to expectations and the attempts to force perfection because that is what is expected of you . Eye, it is done from a lightweight and accessible approach, adding a more dramatic touch, but without overdoing it when it comes to enhancing it.

Everything is spoiled

Disney Image Charm

In fact, some may believe that it falls short on that point, but personally I see it as a trait that had to be balanced with that strong presence of comedy to hook the family audience. For fun they conquer you, with the other always present, usually in the background, until you have to give it your all in the final stretch, where I wouldn’t be surprised if more than one viewer ends up with tears in their eyes.

The key to getting it and making it feel like something natural to a certain degree, like the movie it has been earned to get there Instead of the above being an excuse to achieve it, everything else is treated with care, from the characters, whether they have much more weight or those described from one or two notes, to the visual details, always at the service of history but reminding us that not only the primary is important.

Charming Disney Scene

Nor do I forget the great vocal work of the actors in the original version, although the great star of the show there is a great Stephanie Beatriz, who in this way compensates himself a little for his excessively reduced presence in ‘In a neighborhood in New York’, who makes all of Mirabel’s insecurities her own, but also knowing how to give her that touch of self-confidence that defines the character.

Beyond that, it may be true that Miranda’s songs are not as memorable individually as some of the themes of ‘Moana’, but all the numbers fit like a glove within the film, shining separately, but also for what they contribute to the whole, also highlighting the fact that the action takes place in a fanciful version of Colombia. This helps the cultural element to become another of the strengths of ‘Encanto’.

In short

Charm Family Protagonist

‘Charm’ is a wonder. In its worst moments, which are few and it is still unfair to value them like that, “only” is very entertaining, but at best it is a delight for the senses, one of those films with which you enjoy gawking, with a smile in the mouth and that rare feeling of satisfaction of seeing something essential full of charm

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‘Encanto’ is a marvel: an exciting and hilarious Disney film that ranks among the best cinema of 2021