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Emily blunt it is a complete star. The actress has proven that she can do action, comedy, romance and horror. It is in this last genre that he has found his first franchise with A Place in Silence – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos98% Y A Quiet Place Part II – 85%, movies she starred in with her husband John krasinski, who also directed them. And it is exactly because of his work on those films that he thinks we should pay more attention to this genre and the performances that result from them.

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During an interview with Indiewire, Emily blunt recalled how surprising her win for Best Supporting Actress at the 2019 SAG Awards was when she won by A place in silence. When asked if he would like to see more recognition for acting in horror films, he replied in the affirmative and praising his co-star’s performance. Millicent simmonds, actress who plays her daughter in that movie and the sequel:

I remember hearing my name. I think I was leaning back ready to clap and with my smile. It was amazing. I was very touched that people saw it as something more, not just a horror movie. That (more recognition for horror movie performances) would be great. Don’t you think Millie should be recognized for how extraordinary she is in this movie? It’s a dynamite performance, he did an impossible task.

Simmonds is the young actress who in both films plays the eldest daughter of the leading couple. In the first film, the story begins somewhat estranged from his parents after feeling guilty for causing the death of his younger brother by lending him a toy with sound that put him in the sights (or rather in the ears) of the creatures. In the end, it is thanks to her that her family discovers that a frequency manages to weaken the monsters enough that they open their shells and become vulnerable to attack.

A place in Silence II it takes up the events of the first just a few hours after the denouement. As far as we know, after the death of Krasinski’s character, the family, with a baby in their arms, will no longer be able to stay on the farm they had managed to maintain. As they move to a more urban area, they encounter a group of survivors who could threaten their survival. The first reviews have been very positive with the sequel.

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Blunt went on to talk about acting in horror movies that he likes. Mentioned to Florence pugh on Midsommar: Terror Doesn’t Wait For The Night – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos98%, Toni Collette on The Devil’s Legacy – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos96%, but noted particularly what he did Lupita Nyong’o on U.S – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos95%. In that film directed by the Oscar winner Jordan peele, the actress had to do two roles. And that did not go unnoticed by the British:

I remember seeing Lupita in Us and I just said ‘wow’. When he turns around and becomes his doppelganger, it just gives me the creeps. It gave me chills. That is the most beautifully interpreted, challenging and specific thing he had to do. End of discussion. The lights are turned off.

A Quiet Place Part II – 85% It will hit theaters on June 9, but a pre-sale is already available for a brief preview this May 27 in case you want to search for tickets now.

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