Eight cyberpunk movies you should watch to understand ‘Blade Runner: Black Lotus’

In September, the animated series Blade Runner: Black Lotus It will arrive to delve into the cinematographic universe of the same name and in the genre of cyberpunk films. But also to travel the world after the story that was told in Blade Runner Black Out 2022, released in 2017. Between the two, the anime pays tribute to the world imagined by Ridley Scott that has become part of film history.

But beyond that, Blade Runner: Black Lotus it is also a great opportunity to delve into cyberpunk movies as a genre. From literature to cinema, the futuristic and pessimistic look of tomorrow brought great philosophical women to popular culture. Most of them related to technology, human consciousness and its relationship with uncertainty.

We leave you some of the emblematic films that you should review to better understand what will surely be one of the television hits of the year.

‘Blade Runner’, de Ridley Scott

The dean of all cyberpunk films remains a milestone when it comes to analyzing the genre in cinema. With its retrofuturistic mix and sharp questions about human nature, consciousness, and identity, his legacy is enduring.

Turned into a classic that must be viewed to understand dystopia, it is also a careful mosaic that portrays the great fears of our culture. Ridley Scott created a scenario in which the future is a haunting premise. Also, he showed artificial intelligence as a look at the mystery of the identity of contemporary man.