Eduardo Casanova returns to bathe the billboard in pink and various fluids: the best and worst of movie premieres

I don’t know if you have noticed, but it almost gave me something when I realized that we have practically completed a couple of weeks of the newly released 2023. If you are like me, this fact may cause you some existential uneasiness. , and to keep it at bay I propose a good dose of cinema with the billboard premieres that will arrive in our theaters this January 13.

The premieres of January 13, 2023

‘Holy Spider’ (‘Holy Spider’, 2022)

  • It is the new film by Ali Abbasi, who fell in love with half the world with his unclassifiable —and magnificent, let it be said— ‘Border’ in 2018.
  • Halfway between thriller, drama and noir, it plunges us into Iran in 2001 at the hands of a journalist dedicated to investigating a series of murders of women.
  • It comes to our cinemas after its notable circuit of festivals, in which Zar Amir-Ebrahimi has won awards for best actress in Cannes or Seville.
  • It is, without a doubt, one of the great international premieres that will come to us this 2023.

Criticism in Espinof: ‘Holy Spider’ is a great thriller from the director of ‘Border’ who leaves nothing untold in his portrayal of religious psychopathy and Iranian misogyny

‘Poker Face’ (2022)

  • It is the second film as a director for Russell Crowe, who made his debut behind the scenes in 2014 with ‘The Waterbender’.
  • On this occasion, he has surrounded himself with Liam Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, RZA and Jacqueline McKenzie to outline his cast.
  • It is a thriller with a good dose of intrigue focused on the seedier side of the world of poker.
  • It seems that the move has not gone too well for a Crowe who has taken good blows from national and international critics. Bad business.

‘Mercy’ (2022)

  • ‘La piedad’ is the second feature film by Eduardo Casanova, who debuted in 2017 with ‘Pieles’.
  • Its 84 minutes contain all the style and trademark tone of the Casanova house —forgive the redundancy—, so if you didn’t commune with his previous feature or his short films, you won’t with ‘La piedad’.
  • Its cast is headed by Ángela Molina, Manel Llunell and Ana Polvorosa who steals the show with a huge monologue —without a doubt, the best of the film.
  • It proposes a grotesque exploration of toxic mother-child relationships with North Korean metaphors and Munchausen dabs.


‘The river of anger’ (2022)

‘Emily’ (2022)

‘Brian and Charles’ (‘Brian and Charles’, 2022)

‘The lair’ (‘The Lair’, 2022)

‘The book of love’ (‘Book of Love (The book of love)’, 2022)

‘The passport forger’ (‘Der Passfälscher (The Forger)’, 2022)

‘The Understudy’ (2022)

‘Silent Land’ (‘Cicha ziemia’, 2021)

‘Between the waves’ (‘Entre les vagues’, 2021)

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Eduardo Casanova returns to bathe the billboard in pink and various fluids: the best and worst of movie premieres