June 10, 2021

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Dynamo Dream, a visually stunning short film created entirely in 3D in Blender

Dynamo Dream a visually stunning short film created entirely in

For @Alvy – May 29, 2021

Salad Mug is the first episode of Dynamo dream, a long-awaited futuristic creation: three years has required its creation. These 20 minutes are basically the work of a single artist: Ian Hubert, who also insisted on doing all the 3D work in Blender, an open source tool that anyone can learn to use and – with a lot of patience – master as Hubert does.

The teaser what we saw almost a year ago it was just a couple of minutes of which the most spectacular was undoubtedly the vfx job (visual effects) behind the cameras. Although it looked like a montage from a large Hollywood studio, it had been shot “in the garage”, with a simple chroma and in a small space of only 5 × 5 meters. Never so little gave so much.

The result is a series that reminds many dirty and weathered urban futures, to a decaying city in the style Blade runner with brutalist constructions that could have come out of Brazil or any other movie cyberpunk highly dystopian. It is Brazil? Is it the near future of NeoTokio? Where was that limpid future that they promised us?

Among the details that I liked the most are without a doubt the lighting and the infinite details that add realism to each decoration, especially the rusty little machines, the patches and old pieces very retro style. Besides that, the constant presence of friendly robots also seemed like another great success. The weakest: perhaps the script, which does not manage to hook with any type of thread from the beginning – although bear in mind that it is a series – and in the technical part those dolls so unrealistic that make some scenes seem more than video game than series / feature film.

Let’s hope the next episode doesn’t take another three years; so far the author has obtained the support of more than 5,000 people on his Patreon, so he can probably stick with it full time.

(Via Christopher Vila.)