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Dune – 80% It is one of the films with a rather difficult path from its previous adaptations. Either because of its context, its settings or because of the same studios or producers who are willing to bet on this story, the film versions of the texts written by Frank Herbert they have faced various adversities. In the case of the film directed by Denis Villeneuve, was the victim of several delays for its premiere.

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After a very long wait, the Canadian director managed to make his first screening in front of the audience at the Venice Film Festival, from which the first reactions from the critics arose and despite not having a perfect rating, at least his reception already has been much better than that of Dunas – 56%. There are those who point out that the story feels incomplete – and it must be difficult to focus in just a couple of hours everything that Herbert developed in his novels – but most applaud the sound and visual achievement, without forgetting those who have described it. like a “masterpiece”.

Of course, the cast has not been far behind with the accolades. It is true that it would be difficult for the protagonist of a film to speak ill of it, especially when it is still being promoted, but it seems that this goes beyond interpreters speaking well of the project. Weeks ago Oscar Isaac was the one who did not stop praising the final result of the film, but now it is Jason Momoa who echoes him not as an actor, but from the viewer’s perspective.

During a recent interview with Collider, the protagonist of Aquaman – 73% He was enthusiastic about what it has meant Dune as a cinematic event, claiming that he has gone through a process to release his character Duncan Idaho, who has gifts that have been described as “of a game animal” with unmatched fighting skills. This with the intention of being able to enjoy the film, which he already did three times.

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I immersed myself 100% in this as if I was not in it. This is how I felt when I went to see her. That was the third time I saw her. And it was so good. I was amazed. The first time I saw her, I was impressed. The second time I went and took my kids, which was really crazy, I had never taken them to [ver] something so adult yet. But he knew it was very important; there are many things that I did for my son in the movie. […] He gutted me. What happens in the movie, my kids were seeing it for the first time. I was like, ‘Oh God’, but at the same time they wanted to go see him. It is his favorite movie. They love Dune 100%. I am excited to see the rest.

Among movie stars, it is rare for them to take the time to see their own films after the official release, many of them even say they feel uncomfortable to see themselves on the screen, but put aside the idea that it was part of the project. , is what has worked best for Momoa to enjoy it. Denis VilleneuveFor his part, he is excited and ready to start filming the second part of the movie.

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But in order to start with this, he will have to wait for the world premiere so that, according to the reception that the film has, Warner Bros. gives him the go-ahead to start production, which he expects to start in 2022. The filmmaker He has also commented that he wants the second film to come out as proto as possible, so he has taken the liberty of advancing some things; And it is that, he assured, the first installment will only work so that the public becomes familiar with the approach to the problem and its characters, while the second will be full of action.

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