Drew Barrymore and an emotional reunion with the actress who played her mother on ET: “You were a real guide for me”

The years go by, and ET remains firm as one of the favorite films for several generations. The story directed by steven spielbergabout an alien who arrives on Earth and establishes an endearing bond with a group of children, is a film that never ceases to move.

And one of the new faces of his cast was a little Drew Barrymore, who, at just seven years old, showed great freshness on screen. A forty years from thenand in the framework of his own program and talk showthe actress shared an emotional chat with Dee Wallacethe woman who composed her mother in that film.

When Wallace entered the studio, he had a big hug with Drew, and minutes later he confessed: “Already at that time, I knew you were going to be a producer and director”. Later, the two talked about ET, as old photos from the shoot were projected on the screen.

And at that moment, Wallace recounted what his first meeting with Barrymore was like: “The first day on set, I was sitting in those high chairs that directors use. And I remember that you came and told me: “Hello, I’m going to sit next to you”. Laughing, they also remembered that the little believed the alien puppet was aliveand that once he came to discover her chatting with the dolland waiting for him to reply.

And on that, Wallace commented: “From then on, Spielberg had two people controlling ETin case at any time you addressed him, so his eyes moved and his head went up and he could even answer you “

Without a doubt, one of the saddest scenes in the film, and perhaps in the history of cinema, is that of E.T.’s death. It is a moment of great anguish, which required a very deep interpretation work for the group of children. Y Dee Wallace explained how she tried to prepare Drew for this scene, and the unexpected response she received from the girl.

Drew Barrymore was just 7 years old when he filmed ET The Extra-Terrestrial

“Being so motherly to the kids I usually work with, I decided to reach out and say, ‘Look Drew, now we’re going to shoot the scene where ET is dying. But baby you know it’s really alright, ’cause he’s acting, just like us, okay?” And faced with that, the little girl replied: “Dee, of course I know, do you think I’m stupid?”

The anecdote ended with Barrymore’s “unexpected” reaction to his faithful “friend”, since as soon as he saw him he began to cry inconsolably at the cry of “Oh no, ET is going to die!”. Faced with that memory, the actress was more than excited and grateful. “You were always so good to me, you were a real guide”, he told her before dismissing her.

As Dee Wallace anticipated, Barrymore had (and has) a very important career in Hollywood. Over the years, he became in one of the great stars of the industrystarring in blockbusters such as Charlie’s Angels either the wedding singerand even revealing himself as a very valuable director, with the film whip it.

Santa Clarita Diet, one of Barrymore's last jobs as an actress
Santa Clarita Diet, one of Barrymore’s last jobs as an actressNetflix – Archive

As a producer, she was also responsible for acclaimed pieces such as Donnie Darko, Duplex either Love in game. One of her last works as an actress and also as a producer was the series Santa Clarita Diet, in which she plays a mother who becomes a kind of zombie, and begins a cannibalistic diet to survive (this fiction is available at Netflix).

As Spielberg himself once revealed, Drew’s presence in ET It was almost random. Originally, she was going to be in poltergeist, but rejected that character because the story scared him too much. At that point, the director decided to audition her to see if he could hire her for the alien feature film, and during that talk, he asked her to put on a shocked expression, and then scream as if he had just seen an alien.

Finally, Spielberg confirmed the girl for the film, and as she herself confessed on several occasions, He came to consider ET just another actor, to the point of putting a scarf on him if the recording sessions took place on very cold days.

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Drew Barrymore and an emotional reunion with the actress who played her mother on ET: “You were a real guide for me”