“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, what does the title of the new anime movie mean?

After confirming, during the Comic Con 2021 in July, a new film of the popular anime of which will be titled “Fans are eager to learn more about this sequel; And although the plot is completely unknown so far, everyone hopes that little by little more details will be revealed.

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Although in the first teaser, of only 22 seconds, it only shows performing his characteristic fighting movements on a rotating logo of “Dragon Ball Super”, it is undeniable and almost certain that the film will arrive loaded with great surprises.

It was during the presentation at San Diego Comic Con 2021, where new things were revealed, so we can deduce that the new film will be quite advanced in time and several characters will appear.

While we wait to know more details, several of the followers of the anime have wondered what was the reason for the new installment to carry that title.


The title of the new movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, while not offering much information, would have a certain degree of meaning. This conclusion was reached after “Dragon Ball Super” executive editor Akio Iyoku noted that, unlike previous installments, this film will invoke more “superhero vibes.”

In accordance with The interesting thing about this proposal is that as in “Dragon Ball” the protagonists, despite their powers, do not usually appear as superheroes, in the sense that we all know, there would be a Z-Warrior who has been classified as a superhero in the past.

As we recall, Gohan, after facing the crime fighting alter ego of the “Great Saiyaman”, manages to fully immerse himself in the superhero life. I mean, his days as such could be explored in this new movie.

According to the same specialized portal, Gohan is more upright than Goku to be recognized as a superhero in every way, hence the possibility that the title refers entirely to him. Although nothing is confirmed, this could be the opportunity for this character to be the center in which the plot turns.

In the first teaser only Goku appears. (Photo: Toei Animation)