Don’t watch it if you’re sensitive: Jim Carrey was “possessed” while shooting this movie available on Prime Video

Jim Carrey is considered one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood due to his great ability to interpret all kinds of characters, however, there was a movie that marked a watershed in the life of carreyThis is because the actor was never the same again before and after star in the tape “Man on the moon”, in which he assures that he lived an experience that few could understand, this because another person entered him.

Jim Carrey was already an established star in the acting world when he was offered the late role of the entertainer and comedian. andy kaufman to take it to the movies, however, the actor never imagined how much his life would change after this role.

That is why everyone wonders what really happened in that movie, in which Harry began to change even in his physical appearance and ideology, because even Own Jim Carrey has confessed in a documentary available on Netflix called Jim and Andy that for her movie he was possessed by the spirit of andy kaufman when he found out he was going to star in the film.

“Sit down, I’ll act in my movie,” words Kaufman allegedly said to carrey at that time, and those who were on the set of the film assure that Jim really became another person, not only in front of the cameras, but that at no time did he abandon his role as the iconic comedian.

Said possession was a real burden for Milos Forman and the rest of the actors in the film, such as Danny DeVito, Paul Giamatti and Courtney Love, who came to see the actor strangely for being in his role as Kaufman, in addition to Jim Carrey occasionally acting off-screen as Tony Clinton, Kaufman’s character of a rude Las Vegas singer.

There are scenes in which it is appreciated as behind the scenes the actor arrived inconvenience to his companions and even went so far as to break into the offices of Universal Pictures to demand to see Steven Spielberg and the “real shark”, was also cast from Playboy and wandered around the set with a paper bag over his head and made everyone around him uncomfortable.

This alleged possession in the environment of Jim Carrey It was such that he even said that he “adopted” the family of the late Andy Kaufman and even cried when talking to them behind the scenes because he really felt like the real Kaufman. Below we show you the trailer of this controversial film that is available on Prime Video.



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Don’t watch it if you’re sensitive: Jim Carrey was “possessed” while shooting this movie available on Prime Video