‘Don’t look up’ was right: the viral video that connects the heat wave with a scene from the movie

They say that reality is always stranger than fiction, and it seems more and more evident that we are condemned to live what has previously been seen on the screen, no matter how tragic or sad it may be. And no, we are not talking about the funny and almost always correct predictions of The Simpsonsbut from one of the scenes of the not so exaggerated don’t look up.

The movie of Adam McKay with Jennifer Lawrence Y Leonardo Dicaprio in the role of two astronomers who discovered a meteorite about to implode against the Earth raised many blisters and generated a great debate with its premiere. How realistic or exaggerated was the film? And it was not necessary to forget that it was a satire about the end of the world and how the director of Vice: the vice of power he thinks people would behave. The problem is that now one of his scenes is no longer so far from reality.

During a newscast on a television channel in the United Kingdom, an expert meteorologist warned of the current heat wave that is not only ravaging Spain but much of Europe and the rest of the world. And, in a situation very similar to the one that happened to kate dibysky (Jennifer Lawrence) and Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) in don’t look upthis meteorologist was interrupted by the presenter to try to play down the matter.

John, I want us to be happy for the weather. It’s always hot in the summer“, the presenter joked Bev Turner before the astonished gaze of John Hammondthe meteorologist GB News which was trying to explain why temperatures near or above 40 degrees were not normal or a reason to be happy at all.

The montage posted on Twitter, which combines the scene from don’t look up With the excerpt from the news, it has not taken long to go viral and more so with the current heat wave, which is being one of the most commented topics on networks in recent days. It seems that Adam McKay He did not predict the drastic change in temperatures due to climate change (although this may be the implicit message of the film) but he was certainly correct when it came to capturing the lack of scruples of the character of Cate Blanchett who has had his correspondence in real life.

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‘Don’t look up’ was right: the viral video that connects the heat wave with a scene from the movie