“Don’t Look Up”: did you think you saw Ramón García in the movie? Well, it was him and this told us about his ‘scene’

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”, The ambitious film by Adam McKay that has brought together figures such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Cate Blanchett on the same set, and the most detailed users have not been slow to identify the Peruvian actor in a very brief shot made in Lima.

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, André Silva, known for his character as ‘El Duque’ in “Mi amor, el wachimán” as well as for his stellar role in the telenovela “Luz de Luna”, appears in one of the scenes from the ‘end of the world’ that he portrays the movie. This scene, of just a couple of seconds, was filmed in April of this year in Paracas, whose National Reserve shines when the meteorite that hits the planet and that motivates the plot of the film crosses the Peruvian sky.

However, another national actor had also been summoned for this special shoot. It is about Ramón García, whose scene in Lima was finally reduced to a minimum, although some will not stop noticing it when they see the film.

When consulted by El Comercio, via WhatsApp, the actor explained that he was summoned by director Jorge Carmona to record a “microscene” in Lima, playing a taxi driver who is a witness to the natural phenomenon.

“He is a taxi driver who is at the Hotel Bolívar, in Plaza San Martín. Then, the famous comet passes, I look up at the sky and that was all, “said García about what the scene was like originally, although in the Netflix film there is finally a very brief cut between a collage of reactions in different parts of the world.

Ramón García, who has not yet seen the complete film, said that he did know about the appearance of his colleague André Silva, who also appears briefly, although in the foreground.

Scene of "Don't Look Up" con André Silva. (Foto: Netflix)
Escena de “Don’t Look Up” con André Silva. (Foto: Netflix)

Finally, after seeing the cut of the scene that we sent him by WhatsApp (and that you can see in the gif inserted at the top of this paragraph), he said he was aware of what the film industry and its famous final editions are like.


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“Don’t Look Up”: did you think you saw Ramón García in the movie? Well, it was him and this told us about his ‘scene’