‘Don’t Breathe 2’ is the perfect sequel: a longer, bigger, and choppy sequel

Don’t breathe‘became a hit five years ago. The race of Fede Alvarez, perhaps the most reliable type of the moment in the genre, remained immaculate then and more now, after his prodigious’Calls‘, a vibrant and terrifying US adaptation of a small European hit. Now the filmmaker leaves the director’s chair to his colleague Rodo Sayagues after a few years apart. The result is ‘Don’t breathe 2 ‘, a really impressive thriller.

The beast is on the loose

That a movie like Álvarez’s became almost a phenomenon is one of those things that makes you regain faith in today’s viewer. The film written with Sayagues did not reach the 10 million budget and ended up entering almost 160, so the sequel was a matter of time. Again with Stephen Lang and with the same desire to blow away our expectations, ‘Do not breathe 2’ lands in our rooms as a movie that is everything a hammer to the temple. Even if you think you have seen it all, you are not prepared for the insulting number of aces up your sleeve that those responsible for them hide.

Long after the invasion of their home, the blind psycho veteran Norman Nordstrom lives quietly in his new home until the sins of his past return home. And small problems. It is still funny that 2021, a year that has suffered the consequences of a disastrous pandemic, has left a couple of horror titles that, curiously, are sequels. And both belong to large studios. And both, in addition, surpass the previous films.

A quiet place 2‘and this respiratory sequela are, by far, products much more stimulating than previous episodes. John Krasinski’s latest film and Rodo Sayagues’ first film amplify the record to deliver two exemplary sequels at all levels. The one with the bugs in search of noise is already a little classic that looks like the old school ones, almost like a Darabont. That of the other bug that is guided by the sound, is a real cannonball.

criticism don't breathe 2

To be a exploitation full-fledged, one that plays in the same league as many rape and revenge O torture porn, ‘Don’t breathe’ lacked an icing on brutality, but let’s not forget that it was intended for multiplexes. And to be honest, the Uruguayans did their best. Now, in a year where almost everything goes (almost) straight home, they have not beat around the bush and have maxed out the ration of savagery.

Don’t Breathe 2 is the cursed one Die Hard 2 of the home invasion. To achieve such a feat, he forgets about Fede Álvarez’s gifted detailed planning to offer in return and exclusively everything that we liked the most about the previous film: a constant delirium that at times offers a present like the future that Martino or Castellari imagined decades ago with their impeccable b series.

do not breathe 2

Let no one think of entering to shrink his heart with the redemption of a deplorable character in search of forgiveness. Lang’s blind person has been, is and will always be a despicable being, but this time he may have found someone even worse. The absolute protagonist looks phenomenally accompanied by an incredible cast of haters where it shines Brendan Sexton III, ex-child prodigy underground that you feel at home when you choose cult titles like this new blind epic or the masterpiece ‘Session 9‘.

Now that we take it with cigarette paper every half hour, that we have to wait in queues to censor or grab the megaphone before anyone else to dictate the way forward, I cannot thank enough a sequel like this, a second part that seems departure from the fantasies of the Golan-Globus, a canonical sequel and cannonica, longer, bigger and full of cuts. The ultraviolent summer hobby of the year.

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