Doge and Netflix mix to offer free movies and series

The web, called Dogeflix.netIt has what you would expect on this type of website, but it also adds some curious things. For example, the web has at the top with the option to choose between free movies and series, and just below it has a slider that shows the real-time value of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin. The price is obtained at all times from CoinGecko.

Show the latest movies and series

Below, the platform already offers the contents, where in addition to showing the cover, name and year of the film, shows on the right the note that it has in IMDb. With the series it does the same, where you can also sort by recent, punctuation, popular and genre.


When entering the web, sometimes GIFs related to Elon Musk, Doge’s meme, or one’s own are displayed. Dogecoin, showing how it takes advantage of the cultural phenomenon of the coin to gain popularity and offer pirated content. The portal also allows you to add content as favorites, mark as seen, and choose between several servers to view it, in addition to activating the Subtitle. It also offers the trailer of the content before accessing the pirate links.

The website has not received DMCA complaints yet

In addition, at the bottom appears the contact email of, which is the secure mail server that many hackers use to operate anonymously. These types of portals usually last a short time, so we will see how long it takes for it to receive a claim before it stops operating. This one has been operating since February, and not only have they not closed it, but it seems that it has not received DMCA claims because the web even appears in the Google results, something strange for a website related to piracy.

The hacking website is not the only one that has used the name of Dogeflix, as there are other sites that have taken advantage of this name to create scams related to supposed gifts of cryptocurrencies or pyramid scams.