Doctor Strange is the great villain of Spider-Man: No way home

Since we saw Doctor Strange in the trailer for Spider-Man: No way home (2021), something did not quite fit in his behavior and it is because he will be the villain.

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch revealed that Doctor Strange I would be a kind of mentor for Peter Parker in the movie Spider-man: No way home. But now Tom Holland wanted to better explain what the dynamics will be like between these two great heroes of Marvel Studios. And we will see the Supreme Sorcerer in a totally different way as in the rest of the installments.

“I would not consider Doctor Strange as a mentor in this movie, he is more like a colleague. At this point in the movies, Spider-Man has established himself as a pretty powerful and serious Avenger. ” Explains the actor Tom Holland. “Doctor Strange sees that in him and treats him as an equal. And throughout the movie, their relationship breaks down. And instead of becoming colleagues, they do not become enemies, but they are definitely not friends.

Tom Holland adds: Spider-Man always wants to please everyone. He always wants everyone to be happy. And then in this case, that is not the case. It is an interesting relationship. It’s very, very different from Tony Stark / Iron Man and Peter Parker. But is fun. Spider-Man and Doctor Strange are a great mix. They look great on screen. The balance between them is a lot of fun.

So wins the theory that the Supreme Sorcerer that we will see in the movie will be an evil version.

The leaks support Tom Holland’s words.

As we already know Spider-Man: No Way Home will continue the story that began in WandaVision and everything will end in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness (2022). Therefore, black magic and the multiverse will be very important.

As leaked, the Supreme Sorcerer has in the Holy of Holies a kind of interdimensional jail with some villains. These will escape right after I cast a spell to Peter Parker. But, the version that we will see of Doctor Strange is already evil, that’s why when Spider-Man find out you will become the great villain.

We will know the whole truth of the story when the movie is released Spider-Man: No Way Home on December 17, 2021. The rest of the deliveries where the Doctor Strange can be seen in the Disney Plus streaming platform, following this link.

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Doctor Strange is the great villain of Spider-Man: No way home