“Doctor Strange” 2: the best revelations in “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”

” has satisfied and intrigued his fans and all the followers of the Marvel world. The plot developed by and the Scarlet Witch, with its mistakes and successes, has left open the possibility of developing new complementary and parallel stories. Below we show you the main revelations of the new installment of .

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Doctor Strange must always have the knife

Doctor Strange’s ego is almost always put on. manifestly, although few someone tells him. However, in this film that situation does occur: Christina, at her wedding, tells him this powerful metaphor. “You always have to have the knife.” A true dose of reality.

Dreams are windows to multiverses

All the talk about nightmares in the trailers led to some speculation that Nightmare, a powerful villain from Doctor Strange, could appear in the film, but the film offers something even more interesting, revealing that dreams and nightmares are actually windows to others. universes. Thus, perhaps telepathic characters like Professor X or Jean Gray could communicate with them while they dream.

The film has broken the box office record in its first week of release (Photo: Doctor Strange 2 / Instagram)

Crossing universes creates raids

The film reveals that when characters leave their universes for another, they create raids. This term is likely to spark some speculation among Marvel Comics fans. Incursions from other universes played a key role in the Secret Wars crossover.

The Scarlet Witch succumbed to the Darkhold’s charm.

Scarlet Witch displays extraordinary will and determination throughout the MCU. She overcomes one setback after another, but the film reveals that she succumbs to the lure of the Darkhold. The powerful magic of the ancient tome finally overwhelms her.

Wanda’s children are real

Wanda creates her sons, Billy and Tommy Maximoff, from the magic at WandaVision. However, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” reveals that her children actually exist in other universes, suggesting that the twin brothers have a future in the MCU.

Wanda’s children are real

The film shows once and for all that the Scarlet Witch only defeats herself. No character equals Wanda in power, a theory she brutally confirmed in the murder of the entire Illuminati council. Even America Chavez fails to completely defeat Wanda, despite hitting her with multiversal punches. Wanda comes to her senses and appears to destroy herself by bringing down the temple on top of Wundagore Mountain with her on top of her.

The Illuminati are not as smart as they think

The Illuminati of Earth-838 represent the best and the brightest. Exceptional minds like Reed Richards and Professor X sit on the council, but despite their knowledge and experience, they don’t seem to understand major aspects of the larger multiverse. The Illuminati claim to have extensive knowledge of the multiverse, but they don’t seem to be aware of Kang tThe Conqueror. That makes little sense with the holy timeline broken. They also don’t take Wanda’s threat seriously and pay the price for it.

The Illuminati killed their Doctor Strange

Comic book fans know that the Illuminati earned a reputation for not doing the popular thing. They exiled the Hulk to Sakaar and wiped Captain America’s memory. The new film reveals that they killed Doctor Strange of Earth-838 and lied to the world about it.

Doctor Strange created a raid

Secret Wars gets another hint as a possible future for the MCU in the credits scene. Charlize Theron appears as Clea, the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension and the woman of Doctor Strange’s interest in the comics. She tells him that she created a raid and that he needs to fix it and then opens a portal to the Dark Dimension.

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“Doctor Strange” 2: the best revelations in “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”