Doctor Strange 2: Kevin Feige Talks America Chavez’s Journey at the MCU

Kevin Feige has spoken about introducing America Chavez to the MCU in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

During the press conference of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, in which we were able to be present yesterday, the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, spoke a little about bringing America Chavez to the screen. The comic book character is a lesbian, and Feige explained the importance of addressing her sexuality in the film.

“It’s important, as we always say, that these films present the world as it is, and the world outside your window, as they used to say in the publications,” Feige explained. “That aspect of the character of América Chávez comes from the comics. We always want to adapt them as best and as truthfully as possible».

Feige went on to say that while America Chavez’s sexuality is an important element of who she is as a character, it is far from the only thing that defines her. The creative team worked to bring every element of the character to life and figure out exactly who she would be and what would drive her through this very difficult situation.

“I think that when people see the movie, just like in life, there is nothing that defines any character”Feige said. “As Xochitl said, she’s a 14-year-old girl who realizes this very traumatic element of her life, which is not the LGBTQ issue, it’s the fact that they keep throwing her around the Multiverse multiple times. Being honest with that and showing that, and that’s not what the movie is about, but she’s an important part of the character that she becomes in the comics. We wanted to touch that subject».

The sexuality of América Chávez has been one of the topics of conversation recently after learning that the film could not be released in Saudi Arabia due to the character’s orientation in the comics.

Feige also talked about the sandbox that his directors have to tell the stories of the MCU and to have had Sam Raimi “It’s exciting, basically, you create a free sandbox that these directors can play in to get people excited” and showed his enthusiasm for having had Raimi, “and what is better, a great voice and a great filmmaker to make it so much his«.

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Doctor Strange 2: Kevin Feige Talks America Chavez’s Journey at the MCU