Do you remember Rosario the girl who acted with Cantinflas in ‘El Bombero Atómico’? This is how it currently looks

Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” He was one of the most prominent actors and comedians in the golden age of Mexican cinema. Movies starring the so-called “Mime from Mexico“They were for the whole family, because even in some of his feature films he added to child actors as was the case ‘El Bolero de Raquel’ o de The Atomic Firefighter‘.

The protagonist of ‘There is the detail‘He had a lot of grace and charm, however, when his character of “peladito” was united with the childish talent, his personality became more caring and protective, because in most of his ribbons Cantinflas sought the well-being of children, even if he puts himself at risk.

For example, in the movie “The atomic firefighter”, the protagonist has to take care of Rosario, a girl who was orphaned after the death of her mother. Because he has to keep the little girl, he gets I work as a firefighter, a profession that constantly puts you in danger.

What is The Atomic Firefighter about?

The film of 1952 is regarded as a sequel to ‘The unknown gendarme‘, iconic 1941 film where Mario Moreno played Agent 777 and where he shared credits with Mapy Cortés, Daniel “Chino” Herrera and Gloria Marín.

On the tape of ‘The Atomic Firefighter ‘, Cantinflas He plays the agent again, but this time he has a greater responsibility, since he must take care of Rosario, so he enters the heroic fire department. However, his stay in the unit is short, as he is reunited with his former chief of police, the Commander Bravo, and invites him to return to the corporation.

Cantinflas gets the position of head of a police delegation and coordinates some operations to arrest the most dangerous criminals in the neighborhood of San Camilito. The protagonist manages to stop several of them, but this gets him several enemies, who go after Rosario and kidnap her. The Agent 777 he has to find the little girl and discover the crooks’ plans.

Who played Rosario in ‘El Bombero Atómico’?

The little Rosario was played by the child actress Elisa quintanilla, who thanks to this role won the affection of the public and was able to make other films during thethe golden age of Mexican cinema.

Elisa Quintanilla was a child star who debuted in 1951 Photo: Special

Before ‘The Atomic Firefighter‘, Elisa had made her feature film debut’Monte De Piedad ‘in 1951, which starred Jorge Mistral, Emilia Guiú, Armando Calvo, Carmen Montejo, Tito Junco, among other personalities of the seventh art.

In 1953, he filmed ‘The bachelors‘by director Miguel M. Delgado and where he shared credits with Luis Aguilar, Rosita Arenas, Andrés Soler, Carlota Solares and Eduardo Alcaraz.

In that same year, the little girl participated in ‘A divorce’, tape that gave a nomination to the Ariel Awards for Best Child Actor. The award was disputed with Titina Romay for him ‘Hurricane Ramirez‘ and Alejandro Ciangherotti, who took the recognition for his performance in ‘The boy and the fog’.

Elisa Quintanilla was nominated for the Ariel Award for her performance in ‘Un Divorcio’ Photo: Special

Despite having a promising career, the young actress disappeared from show business in 1953. To this day it is unknown her whereabouts and if she is still alive. Meanwhile, his work was reflected by his work with Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’.


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