Do actors really cry in soap operas? Celebrities from ‘Las Villamizar’ reveal it

A lots of viewers swear that the tears of celebrities in soap operas, series and movies are realwhile others claim they are artificial.

Besides, there are those who believe that the actors resort to drops, vick vaporub, Vaseline and other aids to make it look like they are cryingalthough sometimes they do not shed a tear.

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The truth is in the following video of pulsewhere the actors who play Gerardo (father of the protagonists) and the sisters Carolina, Leonor and Isabela Villamizar in their stage as girls in ‘Las Villamizar’, by Caracol, cleared up the doubt as to whether they are seriously crying on TV or pretending .

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Do actors really cry? Of course, it’s part of the training, one gets into the situations of what is happening, of the character. Some use emotional memory and other techniques. Personally, they are scenes that require concentration and work, but it is interesting to have these challenges, “said actor Luis Mesa in Pulzo.

Despite this, his colleague Cristal Aparicio also asserted that there are times when, at least she, does not cry naturally and helps herself. with a trick (note, do not try this at home, it can be dangerous for your eyes).

“To cry, I feel that when we are going to do the first scene, I cry naturally, but there comes a time, when we repeat it so much, that I feel dry and I try to cry and I can’t. So, we turn to the vick vaporub. This is recommended by many actors! “, She said, at the end with some jocularity, because one of her companions of ‘set’ added: “But it must be clarified that in the middle of the scene he could not even open his eyes from the burning of the vick vaporub, so, we were dry his eye and then he cried.

For its part, Sara Pinzón told in this medium that it is easy for her to cry and nothing is applied. Additionally, she affirmed that in order for her tears to flow, she does not refer to her life, since she tries to differentiate what is personal from his character.

“I have to accept that it is quite easy for me, but, of course, I have been doing it for many years and since I was very little I have had to cry. Driving a method that I learned in my academy: since everything is imagination, basically it is putting myself in the shoes of the character, feeling and think like him without involving anything in my personal life”, he clarified.

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Her case is similar to that of Alana de la Rosa, who initially did not separate her life from her role on TV, but now has other tactics to cry on stage.

Before, when I started, it was not so easy for me to cry, so I imagined sad things that happened to me… And that’s not right. Until teachers taught me that you have to put yourself in the character’s shoes, feel “, said the actress who plays Leonor, in the video of this note, and concluded:

“Something else that facilitates these recordings is [los compañeros, y en el caso de ‘Las Villamizar’] these two girls, seeing ‘Sarita’ and ‘Cris’ getting into the situation. What he always did was look at them, see their watery eyes, and say: ‘We are not going through an easy time [según el libreto]I have to connect with them, feel the same, because we are a team.

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Do actors really cry in soap operas? Celebrities from ‘Las Villamizar’ reveal it