Disney Updates its Release Schedule to 2028: Four New Marvel Movies for 2024, ‘The Little Mermaid’ Postponed to 2023, and More

Disney announced last night that all of its remaining premieres for the remainder of 2021 will be released exclusively in cinemas, but the company’s announcements were not left there, as it also updated its release schedule until 2028.

Among the novelties they advertise stand out four new Marvel movies for 2024 -Everything indicates that one will be the long-awaited re-release of The Fantastic Four-, than the live action remake of ‘The little Mermaid’ It will finally arrive in 2023 and several more movements with which it intends to remain the number 1 production company in Hollywood for many more years.

Let us remember that its catalog now also includes the productions of 20th Century y Searchlight after the multi-million dollar acquisition from Fox a few years ago. Without more to add other than that, I leave you with the updated calendar of Disney releases:




Rogue Squadron


  • Marvel Movie TBD: February 16
  • Untitled Pixar Movie: March 1
  • Untitled Live-Action Disney Movie: March 22
  • Marvel Movie TBD: May 3
  • 20th Century Untitled Movie: May 24, 2024
  • Untitled Pixar Movie: June 14
  • Untitled Live-Action Disney Movie: July 5
  • Marvel Movie TBD: July 26
  • Marvel Movie TBD: November 8
  • ‘Avatar 3’: December 20th


  • Star Wars Movie TBD: December 19



  • Star Wars Movie TBD: December 17


Article: Soure